Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday....Justin!

Justin turns the ripe old age of 26 today! If anyone sees him give him a birthday kiss for me! :)

also turning a year older today...

Minnie Driver

Portia de Rossi


Anthony Lapaglia

Friday, January 26, 2007

Fashion 101

I am sure not one man in the world will agree with me on this one...but most women will....Jessica meet fashion tape....(or double sided tape, your choice) Fashion tape meet Jessica...

Since they haven't formally met yet, I will take this opportunity to introduce the world to Jessica's ENTIRE boob!

To learn more about Fashion Tape Click HERE. Something every girl should have in her bag o' tricks!
Rehab Huh?

I must have missed the day when they teach you that rehab works if you are there for a week....Interesting since Lindsay seems to have been cured dramatically fast, maybe she has Magic Johnson's doctor? (No...not okay to joke about?) She might want to go to rehab for that outfit choice!
Tell Me These Two AREN'T Dating!

...and I won't believe it! Not one word of it! They are TOTALLY dating! Although after John Mayer so adamantly denied their relationships....I don't know if I would still date him.
Justin's Moved On?

Well...Cameron why would it be so wrong for Justin to?

Supposedly Jessica Biel and Justin are fanning the flames of their new romance! Jessica flew out to Sundance to see the Alpha Dog himself! So...who thinks that Cameron will FLIP out when she finds out about this? Like Justin and Cameron's relationship this relationship seems to be based on a boarded sport as well as the two have been seen snowboarding together! Hmm...Jessica and Justin...I don't know if I buy it but they would be a power couple...hey as long as she stays away from my Chis Evans she can date whoever she wants!

Friday, January 19, 2007

In an atempt to keep her privacy private...Fergie has taken to holding her engagement ring in her bag while out in public.

Um...You are engaged to Josh Duhamel...flash that rock around baby.
Beth: "Why are you so sad Brit?"
Britney: "Well...I kinda look like that lil boy Alfalfa from the lil raaaascals...I dont know what to do!!"
Beth: " could always try a brush? No?"
Britney: "hahahaah What's a brush? I think I'll just go like should stay down with my magical powers that Fed-Ex was always talking about!!"

Beth: "Um...Brit...I dont think that worked."
Britney: "Shoot Y'all..."
It's a New Year...And a New Leaf

I'm back baby! In spirit of the new year my resolution is to bring the gossip to all of you once again in my own little way! I may not post everyday, but I will post at least once a week so check back often!
Don't ever say I wasn't here for you!

I am really not sure if either of these two could be any cuter! Gwen looks AWESOME as usual, and Kingston is just to DIE for in this picture!!

Shopping Sprees/Rehab/Throwing the Peace Sign

All in a day in the life of Lindsay Lohan. Apparently before leaving for Rehab Linds went on a shopping spree and was outfitted in Retribution clothing. Linds, I get it, a girl can't go to rehab without a brand new wardrobe! Rock on with your drunken self!
Someone Alert Yoko Ono....Britney is Stealing Her Image

This unreal, I really thought that this divorce from Kevin would help us to see the old Britney again, but all we seem to be getting is the "this is getting old" Britney!

They Sure Do Move On Fast

Just weeks after their split it seems as though Cameron Diaz is asking, "Justin Who?" as she has been seen about town with hottie surfer Kelly Slater.

Does this mean that now Britney and Justin might snuggle up again? Unlikely! TMZ was told that Justin thinks Britney's recent behavior is just too toxic for his taste, and, says one music-industry source, "His career is going in a completely different direction – he doesn't need or want Britney around anymore."

The break up hurt him...and the marriage to K-Fab...Didn't quite make Justin want to run back into the arms of Britney...I don't blame him, he doesn't want whatever K-Fab gave her! :)