Friday, March 31, 2006

The Baby Phat Princess has Been Dethroned!

Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons are Dun-zo! After seven years of marriage the two have apparently been hit with the reality show curse! It seems as though if you agree to do a reality TV show showcasing your marriage, chances are your marriage isn't going to make it! The two have been separated for quite some time, but they will both remain amicable and devoted parents. Russell Simmons told the press, "Kimora and I will remain committed parents and caring friends with great love and admiration for each other," Simmons said. "We will also continue to work side by side on a daily basis as partners in all of our businesses."

Oh thank God! For a minute there I thought I was going to have to live a life without Baby Phat! (I AM being sarcastic!)

So that's it, if you are high profile couple in Hollywood and have a seemingly stable relationship...Don't turn it into a relationSHIT by agreeing to a reality TV series!
Want More of the Real Worlder's Than You Ever Really Wanted?!

Check out the real worlders modeling it up as Ocean Drive Magazine (the same magazine that is mentioned in 8th and Ocean) launches the new Speedo line "Axcelerate Collection". Clearly Paula's anorexic problem has not been solved considering the fact that she is way too skinny in these pics!

Do you think it hurts her to have her bones stick out like that?
Johnny Bananas being a typical meathead
Ugh! Girl who ever told you you were fabulous...LIED!'re just a big gay meanie

Jose is working it! I think he could give Vinci a run for his money!


Aren't you two awful cozy?! I guess when Fitz turned him down he went for the skinnier white meat!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Real World Wrap Up!


WORDS OF WISDOM FROM JOHN: "And here I thought Paula was the biggest headcase in the house!"

So that was fun. I feel badly for Fitz (I'm calling her that now, not Svettie anymore, even though I have NO IDEA WHY John calls her that!) everyone was attacking her personally and although I do think that she is immature, I do believe that on some level she would be a good manager. Some people socially may not be mature, but when they are in a business environment just kick it up a notch. Actually, I'm not sure if she would have been a good manager, but at least it would have been entertaining to watch, right?

I hate that now John is turning on Fitz too, and that he is becoming friends with the enemy! Janelle and Tyler have yet to do anything for me to change my opinion on them. I just feel that they are both mean spirited and must have been made fun of repeatdly as children and this is how they lash out! They are DEFINITELY NOT the cool kids!

Notice how every week revolves around Fitz and how everyone is mean to her? And she wants to go home? Does she not realize that she is the star of the show? I mean she even outshinned the anorexic girl, that takes a lot of talent!

So pooooor Fitz, no one likes her...No one respects her...No one wants her to be manager, but 5 out of 6 episodes have pretty much revolved around her! Fitz, don't leave the roommates might not love you, but clearly the camera does! And wasn't she supposed to be hooking up with John? Did I miss an episode?!

What else, what else? Hmm...Well to be honest, I can't think of anything else that happened this episode, I like drama, but I like to have drama about VARIOUS people not just Fitz!

P.S. Tyler joined a swimteam, and as commendable as that is? I hate him for that!! ('Cause I just really don't like him!)

Prohibition on Your 21st Birthday?

Apparently Keira Knightley wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday in a non traditional way. Instead of going out and getting smashed (although I'm sure she got quite pissed) she threw a party celebrating a time when drinking was not a legal activity no matter what age you were! She threw a 20's style birthday party and looked the part to a T. I wonder who her date was? (She looks a little like Natalie Portman here too..Don't you think?)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So Cute!

What more can I saw other than the fact that Violet Gardner Alfeck is so adorable! Check out the little cute on in her first picture debut!

And Yet Another Rumor You Heard Here First!

Cameron and Justin Dun-zo??

I told you all about a week and a half ago that I saw Cameron Diaz walking from Whole Foods with a guy that WASN'T Justin. And now I am hearing everywhere that the two might be splitsville?! According to Heat Magazine, the two are no longer dating due to the fact that Justin is confused. He is 25 and he just isn't too sure if he is ready to make a life long commitment (although someone should alert him that he is in Hollywood and clearly marriage there is NOT a life long commitment) reportedly he needs some space because "Cameron is a little controlling." Hmm...So was she with her new beau that day I saw her?

I doubt it and I will tell you why...If the two were taking a break would she still be wearing William Rast Jeans? I think not...They aren't THAT cool!!

You Heard it Here FIRST!

I told you all that this would happen. Lindsay Lohan would take over Giselle Bundchen's Louis Vuitton campaign and in a couple of weeks we would hear about a secret love life between Lindsay and Giselle's x-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. Well folks, the day is it comes! Supposedly according to Showbiz News the two have been dating now for three months. They fell in love when they met at Lindsay's New Years party in Miami this past December and have been keeping their relationship a secret simply because it is "more fun that way." Now this is where Showbiz News gets a little ridiculous. They reported that the two got together to get over their "recent" break-ups. Okay...In all fairness Leo and Giselle DID just break up after a five year relationship, but Lindsay?! She and Wilmer broke up in 2004 and since then she has reportedly dated MANY a men...So if this is a rebound thing...Lindsay has been there done that over and over again!

Do I buy it?! I think NOT! :) But I do believe I called this one weeks ago!!
While I was gone Katie Holmes Seems to Have Gone Missing?!!

Either that or she decided in her last trimester it would be a good idea to get some bangs...And collagen. Interesting pictures here of Katie and Tom, but is this really Katie? Is the REAL Katie somewhere locked up giving birth without screaming and without drugs? Or MAYBE Katie gave birth and now has post postpartum depression and Tom is hiding her in shame? Hmmm...Something to think about while you look at these pictures...
New Katie
Old Katie
You decide!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Who Was Born Today??

Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) turns 32 today
Lara Flynn Boyle turns 36

Star Jones turn 43 with half the weight

Tommy Hilfiger turns 54!

And Harry Houdini would have been 131 today!

You know who else's birthday it is today??

Lil Ol' Me! :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Question of the Month...IS BRITNEY PREGNANT OR NOT?

A couple of days ago I had posted that Britney had in fact announced that she was in fact pregnant, but now I'm not so sure anymore. It's hard to tell with all the gossip being gossip and not REAL facts, but if she is in fact pregnant (as was told here) then she is absolutely, positively, categorically the DUMBEST woman in the world.

This past Britney threw Kevin a birthday party in his favorite place on earth...Big scumbag kid Disney land: Las Vegas! The two were seen cuddling and looking as though nothing was strained in their relationship. When she wasn't on the couches all over Kevin making out with him in public (TAAAAAA-CKY!) She was out dancing barefoot (so clearly she HASN'T learned her lesson!).

People Magazine reported that the two partied it up at Vegas Restaurant Tao where Britney drank COSMOS!!!!!!!!! And Kevin made a bad fashion decision dressing in a wife beater and NY Yankees hat. Okay...So neither of them are smart.

The important part...She drank a cosmo?? God girl, I hope that you are NOT pregnant! And I doubt she was drinking a virgin cosmo, because People Magazine wouldn't make a typographical error like that, right??

Hmmm...So pregnant...Or fat?? If she is pregnant she just gave me yet another reason why forced abortions should be legal!

Are Nick and Kristin REALLY Dating??

I mean I didnt really believe it when I read it the first time, I just figured the paparazzi had caught the two out at the same place a couple of times. I mean it wouldn't be totally bizare for the two of them to cross paths they do have friends (Matt Leinart) in common so it wouldn't be totally off base! But dating? Come on now! Even THAT gossip I coulnd't believe! But I told you all about it anyways since it was my gossiping duty, but now according to all the evidence that is begininng to pile up in the media it looks as though these two might in fact be dating!

Evidence point #1: Jess tells Nick to cool it with Laguna hottie Kristin in InTouch Weekly due to her young age!

Evidence point #2: Paparazzi pics taken of Kristin pumping gas after allegdly leaving Nick's house after spending two nights with him... (and how would they REALLY know that?!!)

Evidence point #3: Kristin coyly answers a paparazzi about her and Nick's wasn't a no comment, and it wasn't a no...soooooooooo who decide for yourself check out the video.

So You Would Rather Buy Kristin's Car...But All You Can Find on eBay is Lo's Car...

Have no fear...Bitchin' Beth is here...With Kristen Cavallari's car! WOOOOOHOOOO! So after Kristin's father (um...MTV) bought her a new BMW on the show. MTV decided to Pimp out her old white Isuzu. Someone won it already...But once again, have no fear. The winners of Kristin's pimped out ride live in NYC and hardly ever drive the car so they have decided to auction it off on eBay! And here I am bringing it to you! The inside has suede like interior with Laguna Beach stitched into it, a game console, and a DVD player and 20 inch rims! Bid away! And if anyone knows who wins this...Or who wins Lo's car....EMAIL ME!! :)
Day Of Revenge!!

These next two post are all about the wonderful dish that is best served cold...But these two people are serving them up Hot Hot Hot!!

South Park turned up the heat when Isaac Hayes decided that he wanted to leave the show due to bigotry and intolerance towards religions. They decided to let the long time star "Chef" bow out gracefully but making his character into a pedophilia and then killing him off.

In the farewell episode the "Super Adventure Club" (rumored to be loosely based on Scientology) brainwashes Chef into believing that he is a "homosexual" and when he returns he makes advances at the kids saying that he wanted to make "Sweet Love" to them! He is then brought back down to reality when he visits a strip club and remembers his love for women...But have no fear the "Super Adventure Club" doesn't give up that easily, they re-brainwashed Chef into believing that he wanted to be with the boys! He then suffered many accidents including falling off a bridge and then being torn apart by a tiger and eventually dying. The kids had some words to say at his funeral (which were clearly straight from Matt and Tre's lips!) "A lot of us don't agree with the choices the Chef has made in the last few days. Some of us feel hurt and confused that he seemed to turn his back on us. But we can't let the events of the past few weeks take away the memories of how Chef made us smile.""

Isaac Hayes did not participate in the farewell episode, instead they pieced together bits and pieces of old dialogue from previous episodes.

Well looks like revenge IS a dish best served HOT HOT HOT!!

Day Of Revenge Part Deux!

It has been rumored that Nick Lachey's video for his new single "What's Left of Me" will be very reminiscent of another heartbroken boy band singer. Nick will go the Justin route and will do a "revenge" video in which he will be in a mansion that is very similar to the one that he and Jess shared for three years with images of the things that they had together...Fading. Yeah I'd say that was blatant! Another blatant bitch slap would be the girl who is playing opposite Nick in the video...Vanessa Minnillo!! Can that bitch get anymore lucky?! It must be nice to have all these things come to you when you have LITTLE TALENT!!! But more importantly...OUCH! Poor Jess this video is screaming revenge! (I can't wait to see it!)
We all remember when Kevin Federline rocked out hardcore to his own song while being filmed by MTV in the studio. We all had a good laugh and made tons of fun of him, but apparently Kevin has started a trend. It seems as though all "aspiring" singers these days want to get caught rocking out to their own song! Basically here are the prerequisites. If you SUCK at singing, and are only getting a career based on a family members fame (i.e.: Your dad owns many hotels, you were or are married to Britney Spears, you had Kevin Federline's children..You see the pattern here, right?) you absolutely must be seen rocking out to your own song in front of cameras and then cross your fingers and hope that it ends up on sites like So Tres Fetch!! Let the mockery begin!

Without further ado, here is Paris Hilton Rocking out to her new song "Jealousy" and CLEARLY proving that her voice must be digitally altered because she has a TERRIBLE voice!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mess In Training!!

Wouldn't it be Love-rly! Hey...At least Kim has the BEST coach out there when it comes to being a TOTAL mess in public! I'm sure we can all stay tuned to see what Kim will turn out to be after getting some valuable advice from Courtney Love!

This is Just a REALLY Bad Choice Here!!!

That's SO NOT HOT PARIS! Where's you re-newed boyfriend?! I have yet to see ANY pictorial proof of this resurrected relationship as of yet!!
Doesn't this picture look a little familiar? You know your hair can turn white when you are being poisoned with Arsenic...Someone should really test her drinks and food! (Oh who am I kidding she doesn't eat!)

Who's The Man?!

He's turning 26...She's going to be 20...He's a man...And she's THE man! And no in the real world, the two are dating...I mean he's no Vince (from what I like about you), but I guess he will do! The two apparently don't mind letting the whole world know that they are dating, and they don't mind if we watch them make out either!

VEE-DUB....Unpimps Your Ride!

Want one of the new Volkswagen that are in those really awesome commercials where they destroy the pimped out car and replace it with a new Volkswagen?? Well...I can't get you one of those! Come on people I'm not Oprah, I can't even afford ONE of those let alone hundreds!

However I do know someone that can help you out in the car department. It wont be one of those new Volkswagens, but at least it will have some "high school history" attached to it! Lo from Laguna Beach (my favorite!!) is selling her famous white Volkswagen that she got for graduation on eBay!

I'm not sure why she is selling it, but as of now there are no bids on the car. Hmm...It would be interesting to know why she is selling it. Maybe she just wants to get a new one!! Anyways, check it out, the item description is pretty entertaining! I almost want to make a bid just so I can talk to her!! :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

And Another Real Estate Mogul is Born!!

On March 20th Donald Trump had his fifth child! It was a baby boy and is sure to be taking over the real estate world anytime now! I'm sure it was the "best delivery ever" and I'm sure that the birth of his child was the "most publicized event of the day"! Since ironically everything Donald does seems to have the highest ratings and also is the "best of the best", oh and he ISN'T being over-reactionary at all, these are ACTUAL facts!

"Everyone's perfect. She's very happy and it's really great... I continue to stay young, right? I produce children, I stay young." I'm glad the man isn't modest! Trump's fifth child has been named, Barron William Trump and refused to leave his mother Melania's womb for 8 hours! Well...congrats, here is yet another heir to the trump throne that will be taking over NYC and LA ASAP!
Paris DOES Have New Man!!

Or at least a Re-newed man! It looks as though Paris and Stavros HAVE called it quits, and that Paris might be back together with none other than...PARIS....Oh the world is in sync again! Paris and Paris! WOOOOHOOOOO! I mean really what were those two thinking when they broke up?

Oh yeah, I remember, they broke up because Paris Latsis refused to tell his family that they were in love and were getting married. Oh and Paris' family refused to tell reporters that their son was dating the hotel heir and were on the record saying that they were embarrassed by her! Oh yeah...noooooow I remember!

Well it looks as though the two might be rekindling a love lost (or at least she is reverse rebounding after the spilt with her 19 year old boyfriend!) as the two were spotted together at LA hotspot Privilege. (Oh how ironic that the two would rekindle their love at a hotspot that is named for people like them...That do nothing, yet will still be ridiculously rich!)

It's not certain that the two are back together for good yet because Paris was seen the next night looking for some "hotties" to occupy her while Paris Latsis did something other than show up at the club with her! Well..That seems about right for a Paris/Paris relationship! Maybe we will see a wedding after all...Cross your fingers, this is going to be one drama filled ride on the love roller coaster!

Lindsay Lohan Set to Get More Free Stuff That She Can Already Afford!

Looks like Linds will replace supermodel Gisele Bundchen as the new face of Louis Vuitton. She was reportedly just asked to do the ad's and she is going to say yes. "She's really excited." an insider told reporters. It's a good move up from working with Dooney and Burke

So I'm sure she will now be sporting all the beautiful bags of the man behind the bag Marc Jacobs (even though she could easily afford them on her own before!) and I'm soon now we will soon be hearing rumors that the teen queen will also be dating Leo as well...You know the deal, take the big designer client away the x comes next, although I warn you all not to believe a word of it when it hits the press...Remember you heard it here first! :)

Hey Lindsay...If you get any bags that you already have...You can ALWAYS send them this way!! :)
Looks Like It Really is Over

The fat lady hasn't sung yet (mainly because Mariah has lost like 60 pounds and there is no fat lady singing anymore!) on this one, but it surely looks as though it is over!

It looks as though no matter how much I wished, my prayers have gone unanswered! Jess and Nick have now both purchased their own new homes, rendering it nearly impossible for a reconciliation anytime soon. Ironically enough Jess and Nick both spent the same amount on their new pads (and more ironically was that Nick was probably spending Jess' money on his new bachelor pad). They both purchased 5 million dollar homes, Jess' a little more conservative and Nick's was actually purchased from Heidi Klum and Seal...Maybe he is hoping that a little of Victoria's secret will rub off on him and he can find himself an new beauty to run around with and spend her money! Anyways, the future looks glum on any reconciliation now, so lets stay positive and just look to the future! Who will Jess date next?

Paris' New Man??

How come I have been seeing a whole lot of them together lately:

and not a whole lot of them??

Could it be the..Ahem...scandalous info he received that drove him away??

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Zahara Does NOT Look Amused!

Do you ever get the feeling that this kid has a bit of a chip on her shoulder? I feel like she is NEVER smiley and cute like Maddox, she just always looks like she is thinking to herself, "Bitch PLEASE!"


p.s. How old does Maddox look?!!