Tuesday, May 30, 2006

But I Thought You Were In Love With Derek?!

Seems as though Vanessa Minnillo may not be as in love with Derek Jeter as we all thought. In fact...She might not even be dating him! (I told you Elly...3 weeks in a Hollywood relationship is a long time for things to change) According to a poster's friend on Oh No They Didn't, it looks as though Vanessa is dating someone, or at least making out with them!

Vanessa was seen making out very "noisily" in San Diego (where they are out filming TRL right now) with none other than NICK LACHEY....soooooooo the real question is, does Derek know about this?
Flowers...Food...Could This be the Start of a New Power Couple?

Bringing both girls and guys around the world to their knees and breaking hearts everywhere...It looks like hollywood's two most eligible single young people might have found love within each other! DAMN! But come on..They would make a cute couple...Much cuter than Kirsten and Jake...
And in Other Baby News

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale also had a baby this weekend. They gave birth to a baby boy named, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale this Friday.

This kid is going to be SO much cooler than Brad and Angelina's kid...You know Gwen is pissed that Ang is getting more headlines...Actually I take that back, she is so down to earth she probably doesn't even notice. I cannot WAIT to see the outfits that this little one will be put in!! :)

This is Me NOT dropping The Ball!

Just in case you have been living under a rock or you prefer to get your news from So Tres Fetch and no where else......

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a baby girl named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, delivered Saturday by c-section. Congrats to the new proud parents...Now the race is on, will we see a picture of Angelina and Brad's baby before we see the "alleged" baby of TomKat?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Britney gets Back to Sexy!

Well..At Madame Tussaud's House of Wax in New York at least. The museum has just added a very sexy and scantily clad Britney to their collection in an attempt to bring Britney back to the way she was before. The museum hopes the grassroots movement, fueled on the internet, will restore Mrs. Federline to what they believe is her pop star glory.

Like most wax figures in Madame Toussaud's she looks very lifelike, including her heaving bosom! That's write the museum added animatronic engineering to make her seem more "life like"!! I want to go see her this weekend...Who's taking me!? ;)

Kristin Cavallari is The New Bongo Girl

And "hands down" she is the right choice!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Even My Boy Andy Milonakis Makes Fun of Brandon Davis!!

Click here to watch Andy make fun of Brandon!

Ashley is Slowly Morphing into Jessica!

I guess papa Joe has given up on Jessica ever being back on the good side of the public eye, so it seems he has set his sites on Ashley...First step...Turn her into Jessica! (maybe he will even try to pass her off as Jess!! One can wish right?!)

She looks sooooo much like Jess on the set of her new video "Invisible".
8th and Ocean Boys!

When is this show coming back on? I miss it dearly!

And....Just a comment...For a modeling agency that claims to not really like Vinci...Irene Marie took and AWFUL LOT of pictures with him!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Made My Day...So Let Me Make It Make Yours!
Is that his brother?
Yeaaaaah...that's not going in!

Ok honestly....I can't decide which one is cuter!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whoooooa Whooooooa Whoooooa!!!

Wait a second. I thought that Paris was going to be feeding off of Matt Leinart's celebritism...but apparently he is smarter than we all give him credit for, the two are NOT dating.

But don't you dare for a minute think that Paris is single! Apparently about two days after whatever she had with Matt (which was about like two seconds after she broke up with Stavros) she met another guy and is now dating him! I don't get it, does she go bad like milk if she doesn't constantly have a boyfriend?

P.S. anyone know who this guy is?!

Ugh! So I Guess These Two Are Still At It?!

I thought that Denise and Ritchie called it quits because Ritchie decided he couldn't hurt Heather Locklear...Guess not!

P.S. Does Denise Richards realize that she is dating way below her league?! She doesn't have very good taste huh? I would love to say, "maybe it is their personalities", but seeing as what she has told the press that Charlie was involved with...It makes it kind of hard to say that.

Proud Little Paris!

Um...How proud is Paris oh her near nip-slip...I mean she is looking at it so adoringly. Or maybe she is trying to will her shirt to slip down a little more so that she can be on the cover of every gossip mag sans Brandon Davis today!

P.S. Some Lindsay Lohan fan let Brandon Davis know exactly how she felt about what he said about her idol! Watch it here!

Mischa and Her Puppy

Which I will admit, is cuter now! (the dog, not her!) I wonder what she will be doing now that she has been killed of The OC.

By the way...When you aren't a good actress, and you have a steady gig, should you really be trying to mess around with that? I don't think we will see Mischa delivering any Oscar speeches anytime in the near future!

Michelle Rodriguez Goes Back to Jail!

Looks like her little DUI thing has NOT resolved itself. Michelle opted out of community service and instead went for the jail time when it came to choosing her sentencing for her recent Hawaii DUI. So she did her 5 days in jail and that was that....Right? Nope!

It seems that her DUI violated her probation. Probation? You ask, yes probation. Seems Michelle isn't the best when it comes to cars, because she was on probation for a hit and run that occurred in LA six months before her DUI charges. Michelle's two-year probation was extended for three more years, to June 2009.

When asked if she was upset about being killed off of lost Michelle stated that she wasn't too upset because she was a gypsy and was always moving around. A gypsy? Sounds more like she is running from the law! She will return to jail for 60 days for violating her probation.
Do You Normally Dance On Rooftops?
Because I don't, so I found it a little odd that David Beckham was....

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Paparazzi Really Needs to Learn When Enough is Enough!

Poor Britney. She isn't a model mother, but at age 24 and this being her first baby can we really place that much blame on her? She might not have thought through having a child in the first place, and she DEFINITELY didn't think through marrying Kevin Federline, but I think everyone needs to lay of Britney for a little bit. If they don't, chances are something bad is going to happen...Like she might drop him.

OH WAIT.....She almost did! Apparently while juggling her baby and her coffee Britney tripped over her too long jeans and nearly dropped Sean on his head. I have yet to find this picture, but I have found the aftermath picture where Britney is seen crying over the incident!

Really...You continue to take her picture instead of maybe trying to help her?!

EDIT!! Here is the video of Britney crying at the restaurant (poor brit, they were relentless!)

And the picture of her almost falling.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lyric, Ashley and Tiff!


Bad Influence Much?

Sadie Frost should probably try to get into the tabloids another way and stop hanging out with Kate Moss! She is looking ROUGH!

Dun-zo For Good?

Looks like this time, it may be for good. Or maybe the two will try for the third time's a charm thing...But it looks doubtful.

DJ AM and Nicole Ritchie have reportedly called it quits once again. Nicole's camp refused to comment on the status of their relationship, but a source close to the couple said, "Adam basically dumped Nicole he didn't want to keep going when it was going nowhere. He wanted out for a couple of weeks."

Why did the two call it quits, it might have something to do with the same reasons they broke up the first time. Partying and eating. She has been basically furniture at local LA hotspots which may not sit well with the now sober for years DJ AM. Another reason that has been reported to be a reason for the split may be the weight loss that Nicole promised to take control over. As we can all see, she clearly isn't fixing it and is losing weight at an alarming rate. So will we ever see a wedding between the two? Well....Like I always say, third times a charm! Do it for the public DJ AM!

What's His Problem?

Apparently Brandon Davis has a strong dislike for Lindsay Lohan! It all started the night that Lindsay and Paris had an alleged "fight" when she interrupted Paris and Nicky's conversation. But, Brandon Davis' hatred for Lindsay seems to be a little deeper. Watch as he rips into Lindsay for 3 and a half minutes! Anyone know why he hates her so much? It can't be just because of the disagreement between Paris and Linds that night! INSANE I tell you...Insane!

P.S. I'd like to be Lindsay Lohan poor, since Brandon Davis considers "7 million" poor!

Britney and Sean...Looking Cute!

His father must have dressed him today, because he is looking THUUUUUGED out! :) But so cute at the same time!

Well...If You Were In The Situation What Would You Do??

This is the question that Brooke Shields should ask Tom Cruise at the moment, because it seems as though Katie might be experiencing some postpartum depression. She has been seen crying constantly and is reportedly exhausted. According the British Mag The Sun, friend's of Katie have said, "Katie breaks down and cries and seems "emotional and very tired"" She has told friends that it is normal for a new parent to be very emotional. But many would see these as signs of the "Baby Blues" known as postpartum depression.

So the real question is...If she is in fact suffering from this very serious aliment, will Tom allow her to medicate, or will he make her "work it out on her own"?

D.O.A. On The OC

Someone is set to die on the set of the OC tonight. If you don't want to know who...DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!

So it looks as though the OC is making way for the younger generation. The next couple of years of the OC will concentrate on a younger cast. It is my guess that the reasoning for this shift is because the ratings for the show have gone down in the past year. They seem to want to be aiming their show at a new younger audience that will stay with them for the next couple of years. Think...Saved by the Bell the New Class! Can't really remember that? Well...My guess is we wont really be too into the OC The Bitchier Class either. Willa Holland, Marissa's sister, will be a regular on the show next year, promising us drama, drama, drama, by on the screen and off.

So who will kick the bucket? Well Mischa Barton told Access Hollywood, "It's True, It's True. My Character Dies...I Think The Show Is Moving In A New Direction...They've Got Some Young Actors Coming In And I Think It's Going To Be Great For The Fans." So is it true? Who knows, but my VCR will be set tonight on Fox so I can watch how they kick her to the curb if the rumors are true. (Remember she has been trying to get out of the show for a while now, so I wouldn't be too surprised!)