Monday, August 28, 2006

Kristin On Nicole

Kristin might not have been questioned about Nicole Ritchie's relationship with her x-boytoy Brody Jenner...But she does have something to say about Ritchie's weight.
And Some More...September 5th People!!!!!! Get the DVR and Tivo Ready!

And Simply Because This is My FAVORITE Show!

Nip/Tuck season 4 premiere!! (3 more episodes and this Nip/Tuck addict is caught up!!)

Awkward Moments

So we all know that when Jessica Simpson was on TRL this year it was dangerously close to the release of the pertinent information about Nick and Vanessa's "relationship" status....We were all on pins and needles hoping to see an awkward interview between the two lovely ladies in Nick's life, unfortunately, that didn't happen. Then we were wondering what the Teen Choice Awards would be like...But once again aside from Nick's "awkward" comment...Nothing went down there either.

So now all we have left are the VMA's...Will the two bump heads here? Well, don't hold your breath, apparently Vanessa is banned from interviewing Jessica, however, she is allowed to interview Nick (and we all saw their TRL interview...sick!)

Jess and Vaness also will have dressing rooms in separate BUILDINGS! MTV is doing everything to accommodate the divorced couple as they do not want any witnesses seeing them encounter...And to be honest, I don't blame them.

Honestly though, how awesome would a Jessica/Vanessa interview/catfight have been? Jess would WRECK Vanessa!
Eonline Has Apparently LOST Their Minds!

I mean to make a calendar of "Strangely Sexy Men" is a cool idea...Until you get to August and you see the mug of the month...Who just happens to be Brandon Davis. Okay, now lets get serious for a second...Even if he was slightly attractive, which he CLEARLY isn't, his personality totally would kill anything cool about him in the least bit! G-ROSS Eonline!!!! Then you venture a little further into the year and you hit Mr. December....K-Fab himself! And I know, I know, I said I liked his performance at the Teen Choice Awards...And I know that was shocking...And sometimes I do admit to finding him "alright" looking...But Eonline reminded me...You are the company you keep, and he is in a calendar with Brandon Davis, Cisco Adler, Charlie Sheen....Yeah....Strangely Sexy...Or just strange?! Maybe this is an April fools joke gone bad! I guess he is Mr. December because it would be a nice holiday gift to us all if he would just go away....

Oh...P.S. He is about to ruin my favorite show when CBS apparently loses their minds as well and gives him a guest role on CSI....WITH LINES!
He's a Cold Hearted Snake....

Look into to his eyes...uh oh, Paula's stylists been telling lies! Who let her out of the house looking like that? I hope for her sake she was HEAVILY intoxicated and medicated when picking out this outfit!
Hahahahaah Vanessa Swings...and Misses!

Apparently Vanessa didn't learn a lot from her former Yankee playing boyfriend! Instead of hitting a homerun with her red carpet dress, Vanessa struck out BIG time here! Not only does she look like she might have recycled this dress from her beauty pageant days, but it also looks like she might have snagged it from the way back of her closet...You know where the clothes are from where she was 12..Because this dress DEFINITELY does NOT fit her! Too bad Vanessa, you thought you had it made snagging Jessica's former man, but maybe you should have tried to snag the stylist first!

It's official!!

Brody Jenner likes skinny girls...I mean...Brody Jenner and Nicole Ritchie are dating!! The two were spotted leaving Vitamin Barn in Malibu this past Saturday. Not only were they together, but they also committed the Hollywood sin of holding hands and NOT telling us whether or not they really are together! Oh well, I guess we can speculate, I mean, I'm not above gossiping! Sooooo...Nicole and Brody, I wonder what my girl Kristin would say....

Well...I know that she would say about Nicole's fall...Well more so what she would do, and that would be laugh! Nicole and her six inch wedge heels took a spill while out with it karma? Or is it the fact that her super skinny legs cannot support her??

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let Me apologize....

For not warning you...I have received countless emails asking what happened (please! Like you guys aren't used to this!!). I have recently started a new job so posting will be spoty. I have been toying with the idea of posting when I get home at night. For a while it may just be pictures, but eventually I will get into a ritual and So Tres will be back to normal! Please please please be patient, I promise, I will be back sooner rather than later :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

More Teen Choice...
So Tres the winner of the best line of the night, "Can you say Awkward?!"

So Tres the winner of "Shocking" me....either Kristin Cavallari has a really big head, or Kristen Bell has a REALLY small one!
Teen Choice Awards!!

Um...someone needs to stop surprising this girl!!
Jessica looks really happy to be named "Hottest" celeb!

Does it LOOK like there is chemistry here?!!

Wow...Ashley actually looks GREAT!

This show was, um, intersting. It seemed to be poorly planned to be quite honest and the podium speeches were....well...interesting. (I.E. Orlando Bloom saying that he had a sweating problem?? And Nick Lachey's opening words "awkward"!) Most awesomely bad terrific moment though...OBVIOUSLY K-Fed's performance. And even though Stephanie made fun of me for saying it, I will say it again....It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Does This Look Like a Cuddly Pet??

Britney Spears might be a better mom than the tabloids make her out to be...

She has told Kevin Federline that he needs to get rid of his 6 Australian Grey Nurse Sharks because she doesn't feel safe having them around with her two small children running around the house. (P.S. I thought that Kevin was broke....If he is so broke, how did he buy the sharks? And how is he affording the upkeep? Someone is CLEARLY a kept man!) So anyway, Kevin is clearly NOT happy about this. A close friend even said, "He really loves them , he even named them." OOOOOOOH you named them Kevin? Well by all means, keep the sharks then, I mean, your children might fall in and get eaten, but at least you would have your pets that you NAMED!!!

Now....Doesn't this make everyone feel better about Britney as a mom? See she does care about the well being of her children....But Sean Preston is about a year old now right? And supposedly he has had these sharks long enough to name them....So Sean and the sharks must have been living in cohabitation for some time right? Yeah....No words can be used to describe this family!

I'm not even sure if I believe this story, I mean it is one thing to let Kevin have a child, you can't really prevent that, but allowing him to have an endangered animal....6 of them? I don't know about that...Although, I guess money talks...
Cheyenne Kimball Gets Assaulted

...Does this now make her a bona fide star? Or does it mean that her bandmate's wife might just be plain insane? At a wrap party for "Cheyenne" Cheyenne's MTV reality show trouble ensued when the 16 year old was having a conversation with bandmate Joey Clemente. Clemente's wife became enraged and jealous and simply went over to the innocent Cheyenne and punched her in the face!

Cheyenne has no hard feelings towards Clemente's wife and she and Clemente are just friends and nothing more...Sounds to me like a case of a clearly too jealous wife of a clearly...LITTLE GIRL!

...Poor Cheyenne, keep "Hanging onnnnnnnnn, today....." And it will all blow over!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tea Paaaar-tay!

Thank you Steph for making me laugh uncontrolbly after and while watching this YouTube Clip! "Where ma wasps at?!"

Which reminds me...have you ever seen The Boat Song by the Webee Boys? (yeah that is Ricky Ulman from Phil of the Future...and I dont care how lame that is...this is so awesome!)

Countdown 5 Days!

So just in case you didn't get a chance to check out Phat Girlz when it was in movie theaters (even though I told you all to go see it!! I'll forgive you!) Or, if you loved it so much and you cannot wait to see it again...well the countdown begins...only 5 days until the DVD releases on August 22nd. But don't just take my word for it, the reviews speak for themselves, fellow blogger Chemiche wrote a review of the movie here.

Whats the DVD all about? Well read the press release for yourself, and then when you finish that, go pre-order your copy of Phat Girlz and get empowered! (click on the banners for more info!)

Press Release:


Mo'Nique Delivers BIG Laughs In The Outrageous Comedy Bursting Onto DVD
August 22, 2006 From Fox Home Entertainment

CENTURY CITY, Calif . – The stars are big and the laughs are bigger in the
full-bodied comedy Phat Girlz , on DVD August 22, 2006 from Fox Home
Entertainment. Starring funny-lady Mo'Nique ( Soul Plane, “The Parkers”) as
Jazmin, an aspiring plus-size fashion designer who struggles to find acceptance,
Phat Girlz hilariously shows that size does matter — and big is in! Also
starring Kendra C. Johnson (“Bones”), Joyful Drake (Beauty Shop), Godfrey (Soul
Plane) and Eric Roberts (“The L Word”), Phat Girlz dishes up plenty of belly
laughs as Jazmin and her friends find love and success by maximizing their inner
strength and beauty. The Phat Girlz DVD features super-sized bonus material
including a never-before-seen version, director and cast commentary, deleted and
alternate scenes with optional director's commentary, “Supersize Dreams: A
Director's Video Diary,” “The Reel Deal: The Making Of Phat Girlz,” “The
Phattest Guy: A Tribute to Producer Bobby Newmyer,” outtakes and a gag reel. The
DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $27.98 U.S./$43.48
Canada .

Synopsis:Superstar comedienne Mo'Nique stars as a sassy, plus-sized fashion
designer who's tired of taking no for an answer in this hilarious comedy about
living life to the fullest. Jazmin Biltmore has big plans for large ladies
– she's designed a sexy line of clothes for curvaceous women like herself.
But when she can't get funding for her designs or meet a man who
appreciates her unique physique, Jazmin's patience starts running thin.
That is, until she wins an all-expense-paid trip to a resort in Palm
Springs , where she just might just meet the man of her dreams.

DVD Special Features:The Phat Girlz DVD piles on the extras including a
never-before-seen version, feature commentary by director Nnegest Likke,
Mo'Nique and others, deleted and alternate scenes with optional director's
commentary, “Supersize Dreams: Director's Video Diary,” “The Reel Deal: The
Making Of Phat Girlz,” “The Phattest Guy: A Tribute to Producer Bobby Newmyer,”
outtakes and a gag reel. The DVD will be available in either widescreen (1.85:1)
or pan & scan (1.33:1) on a flipper disc with English 5.1 Dolby Surround, as
well as French and Spanish Dolby Surround.

Janelle Making Me Nervous....

So seriously Janelle REALLY REALLY should have put James up for eviction the other night after Danielle came down...I mean, how stupid is she? This whole Coup d'etat is worrying my friend Stephanie and me....Will Janelle get the shaft once again? And how close are Erika and Boogie really? Steph told me they had been dating for 6 months before they came on the show, but now he is just acting like he doesn't care about he at all....I don't like this little game they are playing, it is confusing me!

I hope Janelle makes it through tonight, I mean to be honest, I think she isn't playing well this year, but I still love her and want her to win! (I looooove Chill Town though too! They make me laugh!) If Janelle was smart she would have bonded with them once her alliance started breaking down and then they would have been four strong!

Britney Will Bring Sexy Back After 2nd Child Is Born!

I know we have all been waiting for this day to come...Supposedly Britney has said that she will hit the gym harcore after baby number 2 (which was unplanned...Brit, you aren't shocking any of us with this news!) is born. She has gained 40 pounds during this pregnancy, but promises to hit the gym and start recording as well. I can't wait for Britney's body to be back then I can start liking her and stop being embarrassed for her! :)

...NOW...only if she could bring Justin back!

Katie...Out and About...

And all with a smile on her face. So it looks like all is well in TomKat land then right? Well, I am going to have to go with no. I went to an abusive workshop (for school) and one of the warning signs for abuse is looking unkempt (check), wearing long sleeves in the summer (check) and having social interaction problems (uh....scientologist watching over you...BIG check!). I think that someone needs to help Katie out of this relationship, it can't be possible she is stuck, Tom Cruise is so little she can EASILY take him out....

...It's almost like Tom got her pregnant to make her stay...Such a girl move!

(Ojay all joking aside..she looks pretty damn good here! Good see her out and about again so that I no longer have to speculate that she has been murdered by nutso Tom)

Mother of the Year..

Giving a whole new meaning to Jack and Coke....I don't think Lindsay was taught that Jack and Coke meant Jack Daniels and COCA COLA! NOT cocaine!
Kristen's New Little Man

Kristen Cav got a new puppy and he is CUUUUUTE!

Actually...He kinda looks like a Gremlin before they get all mean and yucky!

I love that the paparazzi STILL loves her even though she no longer has a TV show or a famous boyfriend!
Brody and Kristen...Dun-zo For Real-zo This Time

And..Brody may now have his sites set on another tiny blond hollywoodite...I spy Nicole Ritchie and Broday Jenner having a friendly lunch together. I'll be honest though, I doubt they are dating, they don't seem like two people who would be well matched into he love game...I do however, believe that they are probably childhood friends.
I Still Love Jen...
Vince's mom was allegedly worried about Jennifer Aniston's state of heart when it came to loving her son. She even told Vince to break it off with Jen because she was still in love with her x-husband...

Well, it seems as though Vince's mom was somewhat right about the love not being lost in the Brad/Jen relationship, but it seems as though it is on Brad's side. According to Life & style Brad and Angelina had a blow out fight where Brad finally broke down and told her that he was still in love with his x-wife Jennifer Aniston. Angelina was CLEARLY not happy with this revelation. The realization of these feelings came from Angelina's unwillingness to marry Brad. She made him wait so long he finally came to the CLEAR acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe he made a mistake leaving Jennifer and that he still loved her.

So with Brangelina's romance on the rocks, how are Vaugniston making out? Well...It seems as though they might be hitting a rough patch as well, Coutrney Cox set the record straight with Life & Style, saying the two were not in fact engaged, but does this mean there WAS a previous engagement called off? Will we soon see a Brad and Jen wedding again? Only time will tell! :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lauren Doesn't Want to Talk About It...But Jason Does!

The break up of LC and Jason didn't really come as that huge of a shock to most Laguna/The Hills fans, however the events following might have. We have heard reports of LC and Heidi having to move out of their building. Other reports state that security has been informed to physically remove Jason from the premises if he comes near their apartment. Some reports state that the break up was due to Jason's flirting and that he went crazy psycho when Lauren tried to end it...

Lauren....Doesn't want to talk about it. She said that even though her life has played out on MTV for three years she would like to keep some things about her relationships personal...

Jason...Does want to talk about it...He is sick of everyone thinking he is nuts, and he didn't like the way MTV made him out to be the shy guy. "They just made me shy. After having your life filmed and trying to control a relationship that is so much in the public eye, its difficult."

Jason posted a blog on his MySpace page to let the truth out of the bag...Check it out here! (thanks steph!!)
The Mean Kids Seem To Never Give Up!

Paris Hilton's age: 25
Scott Storch's age: 32
Nikki Hilton's age: 23
Brandon Davis' age: 30 something (I can't find his exact age because no one cares enough about him to post it on the internet!)

....Average age of the 4 socialites: 28.5ish.....

...Average age that they act: 14-15

Why on earth do these 4 insist on acting like high school kids? Poor little Lindsay Lohan has been taking the high road and not commenting on what Paris and her posse have to say about her, but the group keeps on keeping on with their little tirade against her. This weekend there was yet another "firecrotch" episode, this time Scott Storch delivered the punches...See for yourself how immature these people are here. I guess this is what happens when you don't go away to college and you have more money that you ever need..You stay that mean high school "cool kid" your entire life!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Um...I Think I Have Seen This Woman Before....

Even though I have been TOLD that is Katie Holmes and her baby that no one has seen yet, Suri Cruise...But something is tugging at my memory...What is it? Where have I seen this picture before?!

OOOOOOH yeah....The woman from The Ring....Who was brushing her hair in the mirror.....That is NOT Katie Holmes...Someone SAVE THAT BABY!!!!!!

Reliving The Past

Do you think Winona Ryder is having a mean flash back right now to her "shop lifting incident" after taking this picture? She looks REALLY stressed out in that second picture!

Where In The World Is Jesse Spano?

Apparently she is in NYC's West Village...And is lost! Nice to see that Elizabeth Berkley is still commanding the paparazzi!