Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally a Role Lindsay Wont Have to Prepare For....

(is this her body double?)

Because I am sure being a teenage drama queen, a mean girl, or fully loaded were HUGE stretches for her!

For Lindsay's next role she will portray an exotic dancer who develops split personality disorder in I Know Who Killed Me....I am sure she has some nights out where she can encounter quite a few people like this...and I am sure she can find a character just like this somewhere in herself as well!
You May Be The Richest of Young Hollywood.....

But accccck that hair is just too too scary...and really, I am sure they can afford some tights without runs in them? No?
Forbes Magazine just came out with it's first every "Young Hollywood" list of the highest earners under the age of 21 and you guessed it Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen topped that list off. Who was on the top 5 you ask?
1) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, age 20 $40 million
2) Daniel Radcliffe, age 17, $13 million
3) Lindsay Lohan, age 20, $6 million
4) Dakota Fanning, age 13, $4 million
5) Amanda Bynes, age 20, $2.5 million

Jess: Britney did WHAT to her hair?

Jess: Me...NO WAY would I shave my head...my hair is too pretty!

Jess: Although....maybe it would get me some attention.....naaaah

Do You Think Mischa's Dog Thinks Like The Above The Influence Dog?

Mischa's Doggie: Mischa- You so TOTALLY disaapoint me!

Mischa: Whatever...You're still here? The Above the Influence Dog at least made a stand and LEFT!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The 10 Stages of Britney Post Justin Era

1. Lose Career and respect as soon as you start to dating K-Fabulous.

2. Lose more respect from your public as soon as you marry K-Fab.

3. Lose even more respect from your public when you drive with child in lap/almost drop child/go on TV with Matt Lauer when your fake eyelashes are falling off.

4. Lose your husband.

5. Lose your underwear.

6. Gain back underwear, but still continue to lose clothes and fashion sense day by day.

7. Lose your will to destroy your life and enter rehab.

8. Lose your will to change your life, exit rehab.

9. Lose your mind.

10. Lose your hair.

lets all hope we can update this list with a number 11: Brit Turns Her Life Around and Becomes the Superstar We'll All Once Knew and Loved!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Did Britney Puke? Cause....I Just Did!

Regardless of how her outfit makes me feel, Britney too may have thrown up this weekend. According to sources Britney was partying it up in NYC this weekend at Tenjune (Elly...You missed her by a day!!!) When her SUV pulled out with the princess of pop inside, it was covered in throw up. G-ROSS!! Did that deter the woman from going out hard again? No way! She was seen later at Club One at what looks to be a party for beginner strippers. Just so you all know...it is STILL about 14-17 degrees here at night contrary to what Britney's outfit may suggest.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Dies

According to CNN a law enforcement official reported Anna Nicole Smith has been found dead in her hotel room, she was found collapsed on the floor and was rushed to the hospital. TMZ reported that she was found at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, and was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood just after 2 p.m. ET. If you want more information click here. :(

This guy behind Jess looks like he is so exhausted from all of the hair color changes...and to be quite honest, I am too! I really wonder if this is a whole "wig" episode again, or if she really has given up on her signature blond locks to join the brunettes of the world.
How Do You Think This Conversation Went?
Teri: Mr. Bush, it is such a honor to meet you, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule of.....yeah, thanks for coming to have lunch with me!

Bush: You're welcome, are you that nice girl that wrote that ridiculous book Burnt Toast? What was that about?! Even George W. couldn't get through it!

Teri: I have some signed copies in the car...let's go get some!! Teri: I'm no Cameron Diaz...
Bush: Tell me about it!
Teri: Oooooo...yeah, I mean, I don't drive a fuel efficient car...OH WAIT...you're a Bush, you're okay with that!

Bush: Okay...thanks for the book, now on to much more important things...the Axis of Evil...Alma and her mother...what WILL happen next?!!

Teri: Well I can tell you all about the laughable incidents I get in with Mike and my new boyfriend.

Bush: More Alma...less Teri!

Just kidding I am sure they had a MUCH more interesting conversation, I think that these two have a LOT in common...maybe....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Confused....VERY Confused!

People...help me out here...should I be appalled that Britney has already worn the first outfit out already...and I think it was even when she was pregnant?! Or should I be happy that at least she is wearing underwear again...and that someone felt the need to point it out to the world?!
I am also confused at the fact that she seems to be wearing a rather large star of David...and last time I checked...she wasn't at my temple for High Holiday Services....I could be wrong though...I think I am not!