Thursday, December 29, 2005


It's Jude Law's 33rd birthday today! Lets hope that Sienna doesn't get him a stripper...Or a nanny..That wouldn't be a very smart idea!

"I Don't"

This should be the title of the people book entitled "I Do! The Great Celebrity Weddings" because almost everyone in the book is divorced! If you are at a book store one day pick it up and see for yourself, it is a true marker of how we idolize celebrities, but that they are in fact, not all that perfect.

How Awesome is Cindy Crawfords Son?!

If You Were Famous....

Wouldn't you watch what you did knowing that the paparazzi was watching you EVERY second of the day?

Apparently Paris didn't think about that!
Worst Dressed List Continued

Source: OhNoTheyDidnt
When Outfits Go Wrong
MSN's Worst Dressed List

How do You Mend A Broken Relationship?

Have a baby OF COURSE! Wait, doesn't that sound like a bad after school special? "I got pregnant so that he would stay with me, but he left me anyways!" hmmm...Maybe that isn't the best solution. Apparently though Britney Spears' mother didn't let her watch after school specials because she does in fact think that this is the best way to mend a broken relationship!

Apparently a friend told InStyle Magazine that she is very anxious to have another child. She was told by doctors to wait at least three months before trying to get pregnant again and now that the "hold" is off she has decided to try to get pregnant again as soon as possible. This time she wants a girl, maybe she hopes that if she has a girl it will less likely end up like Kevin Federline.

She thinks that this baby will help strengthen her otherwise rocky relationship with Kevin, although I think the only baby that will strengthen their relationship is him...Once he grows up. (wishful thinking I know!)
P.S. Shouldn't you have a baby because you want one and you want to start a family...As opposed to "saving a marriage"???
Laguna Beach and Veronica Mars...TOGETHER?!

I might faint...Too much of a good thing at once. How can my two favorite things be coming together? The bitchiness of Kristin Cavalleri AND the greatness of Veronica Mars...Not only on one channel, but ONE SHOW?! As we all know Krisin Cavalleri will soon be hosting her own show called, "Lets Get This Party Started" but did you know that she will also be guest staring on Veronica Mars this February?

Kristin is said to be playing an "in the closet lesbian" who will be non other than...You guessed it blackmailed and will turn to Veronica Mars for help! Hmm....I feel as though Veronica Mars will gain a much bigger male audience come February! I can't WAIT to see Kristin Cav and Kristen Bell TOGETHER!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Was Our Little Prisoner an Abercrombie Model Before he committed to a Life Of imprisonment For His Brother?

See What Improvement Just A Day In A Hair Salon Can Make?!
Part Two

Ewwww look at all that hair on the floor!!!!!

Please Say It Aint So!

It looks as though it is official. Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce. :*( There goes my dream of The Newlyweds 4, maybe they will make a reality show that follows their divorce. I would LOVE to see Jess in action in the courts! Here are the papers that prove it and everything. Apparently though Jess is trying to get another judge on her case claiming that the present presiding judge is "Biased"...Apparently because he is a big fan of Tuna and his son works for "Chicken of the Sea", he was reportedly ashamed for the way Jessica acted when trying to identify the food! (okay that last part about the tuna isn't true, but wouldn't that be funny if it were)
Source JJB

See What Improvement Just A Day In A Hair Salon Can Make?!

I'm sure this was a case of "what Paris wants...Paris gets" and I'm sure she WASN'T happy with the "Ugly Hair".

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now...Does This Look Like A Happy Woman?

I wonder if she is more upset about her seemingly picture perfect marriage being broken, or the fact that she never signed a pre-nup? I'm feeling sentimental, I think she misses Nick...Take him back, I need more Newlywed episodes! I'm soooooo sad :*( my life has pretty much fallen apart since their break-up, I cannot deal with knowing that these two couldn't make it work. If THEY can't make it work...How can ANYONE last??

What I want for the holidays: The Newlyweds DVD please, so I can pretend that all is well in Hollywood! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Have I Found My Aidan??

Ok...I clearly wasn't a Big fan, I was on Team Aidan all the way from the first time they met until this very day! I mean Big was okay, he was rich, sort of handsome if you like that old creepy guy look, and he was...Emotional unavailable. Wait, that's not okay, Big was so clearly so anti-climactic. He built me up for so long and made me like him, than hate him, then like him again, then hate him again, and then I was forced to sort of like him because he had finally shown some human qualities when he decided that he would not only become emotionally available to Carrie, but that he would even give him her name. I waited all this time for NOTHING, basically I HAD to like him only because he was less than shitty now...And that to me is not something to get so excited about.

But Aidan...Now there was a guy to get excited about. He was funny, he was cute (even when he got a little fat) and once he got his hair cut and lost some pounds he was down right HOT! Not only that, but he was nice and emotional and understanding of all of Carrie's faults AND he could make his own furniture...And fix up his own house as well as make Carrie's semi-smallish apartment bigger as well (well he would have had they not broken up!). AND he bought Carrie the PERFECT ring! What more could one want? Well...I might have found my Aidan in a boy named Jake Gyllenhaal!

That's right ladies Jake has made himself even more desirable by telling that when he retires from acting that he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a carpenter. Like woodwork; building tables and stuff. I get excited about that."My dad was a carpenter for a while, so maybe it comes from that. I just enjoy it. It's incredibly calming. I made my mum a 10 foot table. It's a mahogany-cedar sort of craftsy table. I'm really proud of it." Now really...Can that be any hotter??


Kevin either listened to my advice and gave into Britney's demands....

Britney is a moron and doesn't really understand the meaning of an ultimatum (You can't hang out with the man you are threatening to divorce)

Kevin learned how to read and Britney was scared for his tell all book to be released about her...

Or....The rumor wasn't too true

Regardless...At least Sean Preston and Kevin's two illegitimate children will not be suffering from the fighting and will still receive the best of the best for this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

For An Alleged Gold-Digger...You're Kinda Dumb!

Britney gave Kevin an ultimatum saying that he either quits the partying, drugs, and drops the bad influence friends that are also spending her money and what is his response? Well, if he were smart he would have had this thought, "Hmmm...No one knew who I was before Britney met me, now everyone watches my every move. No one would have let me have a rap career before I met Britney and now the public has been inundated with my "attempt" at a music career. No one would let me be a father even though I HAVE father-ED children until I met Britney. Who cares if everyone makes fun of me...At least people know me...Okay I will give up the drugs, partying and bad friends, cause with Brit, I can be someone (that people make fun of!)"

But no...This wasn't his response. INSTEAD the dumb-ass gold digger told her that she should divorce him because he will have money without her. Um...NO YOU WONT! He also has threatened to sue for custody over their son, but if I were Britney I wouldn't be too worried about that threat. His third threat, although seemingly the most damaging, I believe has the least amount of "scaring power". He has threatened to write a tell all book about the pop princess. BUUUUUT wouldn't Kevin have to know how to read...To be able to write a book?? And who on earth will buy a book Kevin Federline wrote...Other than Kevin Federline?! Right...So my advice to you dumb-ass...


P.S. Britney...Even if he improves...Divorce his wannabe player ass anyways!

Is there a divorce epidemic??

Her First...His Second

Remember that little juicy piece of gossip a while back that Gavin Rossdale had a 16 year old love child (Daisy Lowe) that no one seemed to know anything about?? Well...Now he is having his second child! According to US Weekly Gwen Stefani is pregnant and the baby is due sometime in June. The story was confirmed to US Weekly by both Gwen's mother and Rossdale's dad! I wonder if the baby will be born with Gwen's legs (that would be a hard birth!)


Ok, so I didn't ACTUALLY fall off the face of the earth, but wouldn't that be such an interesting excuse. "Sorry guys that I haven't updated the site in a while, but while out walking to work a strong gust of wind came by and took me literally off the side of the earth and into space. Luckily I found a bunch of nice Tougousers (those are aliens from a small planet Tougous, its so far away that we earthlings' haven't even been able to locate it yet!!) who were willing to offer me a ride back to the planet as long as I promised them that I would take them to my leader (my gossip leader). Hey...How was I supposed to know that they wanted to annihilate Billy Bush?!!" Yeah that would be a great story...But it's not mine!

I was on vacation and forgot to warn all of my loyal readers of the "fall off" of gossip that would ensue! Sorry about that, but I am back now and read to gossip gossip gossip! Did you all hear that Britney not only kicked out Kevin but cut off his credit cards AND took back his car...Oh yeah I'm ready to come back to you all :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Trapped In The Closet"

If anyone missed South Park, "Trapped in the Closet" FIND A WAY TO SEE IT! It's really funny, and although the title seems to suggest that it ONLY makes fun of R. Kelly, so is not the case, they make fun of scientology AND Tom Cruise as well. It's fun for the whole family!

But if you were looking for something that fully made fun of R. Kelly and ONLY R. Kelly check out Mad TV's sketch that they did about a month ago entitled "Trapped in the Cupboard". It's kind of long, but it is worth watching all the way through cause it is fuuuuuun-eeee! :) Enjoy!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

She Didn't Steal THIS boyfriend!

Hahahaha...At least we can rest assure that Ashlee probably didn't steal this boyfriend from anyone! Who is he?!?