Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stolen Vacation Pictures from OK Magazine

Something tells me Kevin was trying to save HIS pennies and sold these photos to OK Magazine! But lets be honest, it is a GOOD thing these pictures got out. Not only do Britney and Kevin look to be a happy family, but THIS is the Britney that America fell in love with. So this is where the happy, cute, innocent little girl has been hiding this whole time. It looks as though their is still hope for Britney as long as she remembers to just shake it all off and enjoy her family like it seems she is on her vacation!

P.S. that is one HAPPY baby!

Bad Dye Job Gone Bad!

If you were wondering why Britney died her hair recently, it seems as though it was a result of a "temper tantrum" type move. When she heard all the criticism world wide about her home made “disheveled" during her Matt Lauer interview she decided to rip out her hair extensions and dye her hair black. So I was semi-right, it WAS very reminiscent of why a 9th graders reasons to do the same. IMBD has the full story:

Desperate Spears Dyed Hair To Help Image

Pregnant pop star Britney Spears was so devastated by the negative reaction she
received after her appearance on news show Dateline NBC, she chopped off all her
hair and dyed it black to help her image. The singer received a barrage of
criticism for appearing on the show in a sheer, low-cut top, denim mini-skirt
and flip-flops earlier this month. She reportedly insisted on doing her own hair
and makeup for the interview and was slammed for appearing "disheveled" with the
New York Post reporting that fans called her hair a "rat's nest." A source tells
American publication Us Weekly after the interview, "She felt terrible. She
pulled out her extensions and bought a bottle of dark hair dye. She didn't
understand her image problem until the negative feedback about Dateline."
Spears' representative insists the singer checked with her doctor first to see
if dying her hair was safe for her unborn child adding, "It's vegetable dye and
will wash right out." She then chopped her hair into a short bob, neglecting to
tell editors of fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, who were featuring her on an
upcoming cover, what she had done. Spears showed up at the cover photo shoot
last Friday with her new look and according to Us Weekly, the magazine's editors
were "horrified." Stylists for the shoot had to work quickly to undo the damage
and decided to add brunette hair extensions at the last minute.

Britney....STOP! Okay I have nothing more to say than that!

Sorry Kids...But It Looks As Though It Is Back On!

It has been reported that even though Cameron and Justin DID hit a rough patch, that the two are now back together and very happy with each other. It seems as though the two are living quite the domestic life while on vacation with Justin's mom in Barcelona. I will admit this though...Although Cameron looks ECSTATIC...Justin doesn't look too happy, maybe he is just worn out from all the "girl time" that he is experiencing right now!

Superman and His Superkids!

Okay, so I feel like I am not a fan of Brandon Routh, but what can I do he is playing my childhood hero. Like my ligit hero, I have about a thousand Superman t-shirts, and about three pairs of Superman PJ's (even one with a cape attached!) and a lot of other useless crap that I LOOOOOVE more than anything. So I guess I have to take him with a grain of salt and learn to love him since I heard the new movie is amazing. And I must admit these pictures helped me to like him a little more, how freaking CUTE are these kids!? Especially the one who REALLY doesn't want to be there and is crying!

Jess Takes The Puppy Out For Some Lunch!

He's soooooo cute! (The puppy...Not Cash) Sweet William Rast shirt...It is always nice to see celebrities supporting celebrities!

A Public Affair

Jessica asked Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, and Christina Millian to appear in her video for her new song Public Affair. Reportedly she also asked Maria Menounos to join them, but Maria is no where to be seen in the video.

There are many things this makes me wonder about like,
1) Did she ask Maria Menounos to be in her video just to spite her once friend Vanessa Minello?
2) Did Maria turn down Jessica because of her allegiance to Vanessa?
3) Does her song Public Affair refer to her always being in the public eye?
4) Does her song Public Affair refer to her "public affair" with Johnny Knoxville?!

Hmmmmm.....Really makes me wonder...

Rather Bear Than Wear Skin

Pam Anderson is so lucky, this week she was able to combine two of her favorite activities. Getting naked and being an advocate for PETA. She participated in a "strip down" in a shop window of Stella McCartney's clothes store in London to promote PETA's campaign against fur. Who knew taking off her clothes would actually prove to make a political statement eventually?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Holy Airbrush Batman!

Britney is NOT fooling me! I saw her in all her "I'm just country" glory as did the rest of the country. And speaking of rest...How about Britney starts giving us all one. I thought she wanted to be OUT of the public eye...Well drying your hair black was a cry for attention when we were 15 and it still is, and posing nude on a magazine cover...Not exactly "paparazzi, please leave me alone" behavior if I do say so myself. You're confusing me Britney, do you want the attention or not? 'Cause you cannot get the positive attention without the bad, they go hand in hand...Didn't your mama ever tell you, "You can't have your apple pie and eat it to y'all"!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What Do You Think Eva is Describing In This Picture?!

remember...Her boyfriend IS Tony Parker!

Diddy Working It...All Day...Everyday....

Another day, another girl....So is the motto of Sean "Dropped the P" Diddy Combs. Yesterday there were rumors abound that Selma Blair was dating Diddy since they were spotted on the beach together. However, unless Diddy is now condoning wearing the same outfit two days in a row, it looks as though Selma and Diddy just bumped into each other when he was walking his dogs with his girl friend Kim Porter. Sorry gossip hounds, Diddy and Selma...Not dating despite her recent split from Ahmet Zappa.
Current Obsessions

10. My iPod Nano that I still cannot figure out how to get pictures on!

9. Bermuda Shorts and Short Shorts with heels: I'm pretty sure I cannot pull off this look, but everyone else looks so cute in this style I feel as though I owe it to myself to try!

8. The Heels I want to wear with aforementioned shorts!

7. BodyGlide: This works WONDERS on the aforementioned high heels! I only like them about 3 inches or higher which means PAIN, PAIN, PAIN for my little feet! All you need to relieve yourself of this hell...BodyGlide, just rub it on, and watch the blisters NEVER appear! It's being proactive that will save our "Sex and the City high heeled" feet! Hey when you live in a city with tall buildings you better believe you high heels will be skyscrapers too!

6. Malamars: Do you have ANY idea how good these things taste when chilled to perfection?! I pop them in the freezer for a cool take on my favorite winter dessert S'Moores!

5. Corinne Baily Rae: Not only is she adorable, but her voice is so soulful! Hot song of the moment: Go Put Your Records On.

4. Fresh Direct: It's too hot for me to drag my groceries home 3 blocks!!

3. Jensen Ackles: When my office is cold, just one look at his picture warms me right up!

2. Champagne: I must admit I find it very difficult to like wine, so I have to take it high class and sip on the bubbly! Where will I do it in style?! The Bubble Lounge, NYC's newest hot spot for the coolest drink!

1. Nip/Tuck....I NEEEEEEED to get my hands on Season 3...Anyone know anyone?!

Nip/Tuck could quite possibly be the best show in the world. I didn't give it a fair chance until I received Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and I have been watching it non-stop since Saturday afternoon! AH-MAY-ZING!!!!!! So seriously, you all love me here....Show me how you care by helping me get my hands on Season 3! It's a beautiful addiction!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Seriously...How Hot!!

Yeah...I know I haven't done those in a while right? But this one was well worth the wait...Well at least for me ''cause I think Jesse Bradford is just the DAMN CUTEST! Check out some pics from his birthday party that I can only dream about being invited to! If I met him, I would do ANYTHING to see him smile!
Nicole Kidman, No Longer Single!

Teddy's New Girl

I know you are all in 8th and Ocean withdrawal like I am. Okay, maybe you aren't, or maybe you don't want to admit it, but I have no shame and I will fully admit it, I MISS 8TH & OCEAN!!! So of course it is always nice to see what those crazy kids are up to these days, and it looks as though Teddy's got a new girl!

I wish Vinci had a life and that I could see what he was up to, but maybe he doesn't shamelessly make out with his girlfriend. Or maybe his girlfriend(s) don't shamelessly post his pics on myspace!!


Brittany Murphy Takes on Yet Another CLASSY Role

Here is Brittany on the set of her new movie The Dead Girl, yet another classy role it looks like she is playing! LOVING the outfit AND the tattoo...Question, does anyone else think of her as trashy? I really wish I didn't because I think she is super cute and she looks so clean cut in real life, but I can't not think of her as trashy!

The Skinnies Out at the Teen Vogue Party

But....They aren't teens....Nicole looks GREAT, I love that dress...But can we discuss, what is Mischa wearing?!