Saturday, July 30, 2005

Artist of the freaking day....

I am semi-obsessed (ok totally obsessed!) with Natasha Bedingfield...And you should be too! Her CD "Unwritten" is awesome! Obviously we all know the song "These Words" (you know the song that goes...I love you, I love you, I love you) and that song is just the beginning of the amazing songs on this CD...I'm pretty partial to "Unwritten" and "Single", but really there isn't a single song on this CD that I don't love. She brings you through a virtual trip of love (and dating) from beginning to end and in between. It's just great...Check it out...And buy it, don't download it!

Oh and guys..You can enjoy it too...She's hot...She's like a TALENTED, CLASSY, prettier Britney!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Some Girls Have All the Right Problems
So Paris and Paris are definitely still on...Although there is a slight problem with the engagement....Apparently Paris has been complaining that her ring is too big and that it is actually HURTING her finger...Have no fear though, Paris' Fiance bought her a much less cumbersome platinum Cartier band for everyday use.
Yeah...I wish I had her problems...My diamond is soooooooo big it's hurting my finger please buy me another expensive engagement ring...One really isn't enough...pleeeeeeeeaaaase.....Some people have all the problems!
Lets Play a Game
How long 'till Tara Reid gets fired from Wild On??

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not in MY Salon....
Jonathan Antin of Bravo's Blowout is expecting a baby with girlfriend Sescie. Which is good...He now has everything he wants right....Two salons...A product line (after MUCH bitching) a girlfriend...And now a baby. Something tells me this baby wasn't really planned. We will officially find out of his new job in life (being a parent...Duh) during the reunion special after the completion of season two of blowout. So he isn't gay then..........
He is also going to confront his on-screen enemy Scott from Zorbit, you know the guy that made Jonathan flip out and say, "You don't disrespect me in MY salon!" drama drama drama.
It's been a long strange trip....

It's a nice little day in London/Australia/Star-world...Everyone is coupled up and happy....Jude has yet to cheat on Sienna...Orlando is proposing to Kate....X-s are staying their distance....Everything was fine in Star-world...That is until the fateful day when Jude made all of Hollywood come CRASHING down around us.

First....Jude cheats on Sienna with Daisy the Nanny (BAAAAAD MOOOOOVE)

Then....Sienna is sad/mad....And takes her engagement ring off to boot!

Jude's not too happy either... (Dumbass! I don't feel bad!)

Then Sienna runs into the arms of this guy....Who is he?? (Matther Williamson)

Then Sienna runs into the arms of her x...Orlando Bloom (who WAS proposing to Kate Bosworth not too long before Jude messed up the harmony of Star-world!!)
As a result....Kate Bosworth goes running back into the arms of her Australian model x-boyfriend Lundi Shackelton.

And lets top off this relationship square (or a rhombus) with a little Sean Penn for dessert...As Sienna was seen having dinner with him the other night......That girl is the epitome of REBOUND....But hey....She deserves to lash out now!

So in Conclusion....Jude...You are single handily taking down English Hollywood and all of their relationships! Good job jerk!

Poor Britney
Britney Spears FLIPPED her shiznit when she found out her photoshoot from Interview Magazine would NOT be featured on the cover. There doesn't seem to be any word as to why the pictures weren't placed on the cover, but we do know that Brit wasn't too happy when she found out. Reportedly she was heard on the phone saying, "We're not on the cover! Why am I even on the phone with you right now?" when she heard the bad news.
The pictures...As you can see are quite suggestive and very funny...Apparently they were done to make fun of the publics "ideas" about the relationship between to two. Between this article, and her reality show she does seem to do an awful lot of convincing the public that their relationship is "true"....I'm just wondering who she is trying to convince...Us...Or herself?
Bow Wow....WOW

Little Bow Wow is all grown up and got himself a girlfriend! He is dating non other than R&B sensation Ciara. The two meet two years ago and Bow Wow is SICK of having to hide his relationship, he feels his fans should respect him enough to understand that he is old enough to be in a serious relationship.
He gushed out his relationship to MTV in an interview only after denying earlier claims! Cute..... (Isn't she taller than him though?)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Loving Lo part deux...
K...So apparently....It isn't REALLY Lo's webshots account...Maybe...Some are claiming that it isn't hers and that whoever it is got the pictures from another site of a guy who is friends with them....And I looked at it and all the names are different...So either they all have identity crisis' or......It isn't hers..But whatever the pics are still fun to look at :)

Loving Lo!!

Ok...So by far, Lo was and will always remain to be my FAVORITE girl on Laguna Beach! She is just so fantastic and everything with her is so simple! She seemed to be the ONLY ONE not fighting throughout the show and also didn't seem to be creating her own drama (ahem ahem...Kristen!)

I can only hope for some more cameos from her on the screen this season as she puts a smile on my face. I soooo wish I was friends with her! Check out her webshots...She looks too fun! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

cuánto cuesto?

Want know what Michael Baroni,Jenniferr Aniston's x-boyfriend is selling in an auction of "Jen Memorabilia" (They dated when she was 15 and he was 16...Pullingg out all the last stops huh Michael??)

He is auctioning things such as:
*A piece of paper with Jen's name and number written in lipstick
*A photo of the two
*and a 17th birthday note written to Michael on non other than toilet paper....

Um...That'ss just weird...

For the "world's very first supermodel" bad girl Janice Dickinson seems to be a little self-conscious. While partying it up in the West Village's Pink Elephant Janice had a little run in with a waitress. While the waitress was taking her (MUCH YOUNGER) boyfriend's order she leaned down and put her hand on his leg. The world's very first supermodel was not super-impressed with this action and proceeded to scream, "Get off my boyfriend."
I must say, I'm not too surprised. She packs some punch...I wonder if she got it surgically implanted in her or if she was always this spicy!
P.S.: What is a recovering alcoholic doing at a bar?

The discovery has successfully launched today at 10:39. It was pretty cool to watch especially when we saw the shot of earth from space. This is some quality programming...Next time maybe they should launch a shuttle in May during sweeps...CNN would make a killing!

The Discovery will visit the moon, mars...An beyond....Maybe they will find Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (go read it now...Well after you read this article on the launch, because this is important stuff people!)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jude Eats his Child!

I understand that Jude Law is very upset over losing Seinna Miller (although I wont pretend like I feel badly for the cheating bastard!) But really....Eating your kid isn't going to make you feel any better! (I'm kidding it's a VERY cute picture) Jude...Put down you're child and go back to apologizing (but don't fall for it Seinna! Once a cheater always a cheater!!)

On another Miller/Law note....Jude's x-wife Sadie Frost has been offering Seinna Miller an ear if she needs one to talk to...That's sweet.

Nanny Daisy is also offering some advice to Seinna...Telling her NOT to go back to the scum bag, and telling her that he will only cheat again....That's...Not so sweet, I mean I get that she is trying to offer some condolences, but really...Who wants to hear any advice from the woman who SLEPT WITH THEIR FIANCE?! Nice try hunny....But it's not going to gain any love from the press, public, Seinna, OR ME!

Oh and P.S. Nanny older unattractive Nanny...Hired!
Call me...I'll babysit!
Although the influx of pictures of Angelina and her new baby are so cute and fun to look at I'm left wondering...Where is Maddox in all of this? I haven't seen him once with Angelina and Zahara all around town, but no Maddox. I understand that being a new mother is hard work, but usually the first child doesn't virtually disappear! I hope that Maddox isn't feeling left out and is being properly cared for and equally as loved as Baby Zahara.
By the way...Wasn't it Maddox who wanted this baby to begin with?! (They chose Zahara because Maddox was blowing kisses at her! Sooooo cute!) Why isn't he allowed to play with her?? Angelina...Call me...I'll babysit!
----->I don't want to play favorites,
but Maddox is the CUTEST!
There is still hope in Paris...

Looks like they didn't break up after all. Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis were seen together in St. Tropez this Saturday. They look pretty comfy and I know I wouldn't be so touchy with someone who I had just called off my engagement to...Lets just chalk it up to Paris' dramatic attitude. (Although, she isn't smiling, so maybe there is trouble ahead) Drama...Drama...Drama....

Like I said...I hope it works out for them so she can show up Latsis' family!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Loving Laguna!

Lets be serious Morgan and Christina did not bring to much to the show last season. Nice girls are boring. The new cast editions to the show seem just as bitchy as Kristen so there is sure too be a lot of drama this season and as Kristen would say "Drama, I love it". This season is going to have two love triangles the most anticipated one being the continuing saga between Kristen, Stephen and LC and lets face it I am rooting for LC.

The other triangle will involve the new cast Jessica, Jason and Alex M. Lets see if Jason can play both girls as well Stephen would. You may all remember Jessica last season as Dieters girlfriend but now she is the girl pinning over Jason. Alex M seems to be that girl in high school who fights with everyone I am sure you knew someone like her.

Taylor is another new cast member who use to be best friends with Kristen until things went sour and now they are enemies I am sure they are not going to get any closer this year because they are both trying to win over Talan. Yes that is right Talan is back the cute surfer jock who seems to get all the girls. Be sure to watch the new season Monday at 10 and check back to read about all the new developments in the season.

"Jason is cheating on you!"

I think today is a good day to start gearing up and preparing for the premiere of the new season of Laguna Beach! I cannot wait...Mostly because my Kristen impression is beginning to fail me a little, I need a new phrase, "STEVEN" is starting to get boring! I'm so happy that Lauren will be back, and I really hope that Kristen's problems with EVERY OTHER girl in her school doesn't shadow the fight between LC and her. I hope LC kicks her ass. I'm sad to see that Lo isn't returning, but I am sure we will see some of her. I think the big difference this season is there doesn't seem to really be a "nice group" of girls, but I guess that has to be expected when the main character this season is the biggest mean girl out there.

So wouldn't you like to have your own personal Laguna expert to walk you through the shows? To discuss all the important points of this fine piece of entertainment with? Someone who will laugh at Kristen with you and Cry over LC leaving San Francisco? Well...I sure would...

Introducing....So Tres Fetch's Laguna expert: LagunaLeePee! She is here with a mission and that is to make us love to hate to love the kids of Laguna all that much more! :)


Friday, July 22, 2005


I have been conviced! I am now a strong believer that Tom Crusie and Katie Holmes' relationship is in fact real. Why you ask? What has changed my tone from a HELL NO to a resounding YEAH? The fighting of course! Reportedly Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are fighting over wedding's real...their love is really really real!

There is nothing more convincing when it comes to love then th
e power of fighting! :)

------> I see the love...especially the way she is lovingly pulling her head he has bad breath....oh love!

Terrific Thursdays Book Suggestions

Ok, ok...I know, it is supposed to be Wicked Wednesdays Book Suggestions, but for some strange reason I was under the impression that it was Friday all day long, and then decided at the end of the day I was wrong and that it was Wednesday...Yeah....It's Thursday! You know you LOVE LOVE LOVE your job when you don't even know what day it is anymore (I swear, it's like I'm an Alcholic and I have been drinking for days with the way that logic) But lets not digress...Today's suggestions sans Leslie are:

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
This book is so fantastic, the imagination that Douglas Adams possessed is incredible. Now, if you have seen the movie and you are deciding not to read the book because...Well honestly its tough to get through a book when you already know what happened....READ IT ANYWAY! I haven't seen the movie, but from what I hear from people who have read and watched, the book is much much much better, and I must admit I think I would agree because the book is so entertaining. The imagery is amazing...You are really just put into another world. It's hard to describe the feeling one gets, but all I can say is this...When I read this book I felt as though I was in another world and I had very little idea of what was actually going on around me while reading it. GOOD FAST READ!!! Soooooo fun! It's sort of like a grown up Harry Potter.

Now if you have read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and felt as though you wanted more... (or if you are going to take my suggestion and read it and WILL want more, trust me you will it's so good) the I will have to suggest:

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
This has the original book in it, but also has five others. Each story is unique and it really does not get repetitive. Each story is a totally different adventure in almost always in entirely different world as well (literally...They planet hop!) It's six stories in one and each one is better than the next. If you LOVE adventure and you love make believe this is a MUST read!

The Narrows by Michael Connelly. Now, if you like the show CSI or Law and Order, this is the book for you. This book reads very much like a crime movie (and I really think it should be made into one....Someone should really think about that and then give me some moolah 'cause I suggested it!) It is a very fast read that is really going to have you guessing all the way through. From "Area 51" conspiracies to a serial killer, you wont know what the real story is until you reach the dramatic end. There was NO part of this book that wasn't fast paced. It's a definite page turner and should only take about 3 days to finish.

and last by CERTAINLY not least. Read

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (A.K.A. The book that has kept me from posting as much as I should) This book (so far) is amazing just like all the rest. Actually you know what...I'm instructing you to read them all if you haven't yet. Although this is a kid series it really does not read like one in the least bit. The magical aspect keeps you imagination running, and the social issues make this book relative to young and old and everyone in every society. We see three children really come of age and go through things that each and every one of us has gone through in our lives, while at the same time traveling through amazing adventure after another with Harry and his friends. 6 books too much to read? Ok I will let you cheat IF YOU MUST....But really it's so worth it to just read them all...But if you must...Watch the 1st and 2nd movie, and then start with the 3rd book. I know that there is a 3rd movie as well, but I feel as though this was the movie that the most book material was left out of. So start with three and read on till six (that should take, honestly, maybe 2 weeks...A month MAX) and then wait FOREVER with me in biting nails anticipation for the seventh (and possibly last :( ) book to come out. This series is a must read for everyone everywhere of all ages. You will not only fly through the books, but when you are finished you will be left with the satisfying feeling of "No, I don't want this to be over!" Although frustrating, it is also the best feeling in the world to have after reading a book!

K...I gotta finish Harry Potter...I'm out y'all! Happy Reading! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Say my name, say my name....
Is Sean P Puffdaddy Diddy combs trying to evade the law or something? He has reported that he will in fact change his name yet ANOTHER time. He isn't quite sure what he will change it to yet, however he knows the reason why he is going to change it, he told US Weekly that he was just tired of it, when asked why he responded, "Because I can."
EWWWWWWWWW.....I have a suggestion...How about the name....SEAN?!!! It's a perfectly good name...I think someone is trying to avoid either jail time, paying taxes, or a scorned (or obsessive) woman with all these name changes. Or maybe he has identity and is really just trying to find himself.. (I think it's a woman!)
What do you think his new name should be?
He wants us to vote and have a voice...Maybe he will let the public vote on his new name! ------>

Apparently 3rd time ISN'T a charm!
Although Tommy Lee has been shouting from mountain tops that he and Pamela will be getting married yet a third time, Anderson is refuting the claims. She said,
"There is absolutely no truth to the recent tabloid reports Tommy Lee and I are
engaged and getting married. I have two beautiful children with Tommy and I will
continue to be close friends and supportive of him."
Ouch...I really hope she told him that before she told the press...So I guess the wedding is NOT on...They AREN'T engaged...Now...Where did that ring go to?
Colin update!
A US court has granted bad boy Colin Farrell a restraining order against his vicious x (Model Nicole Narain) who was threatening to release a very "reputation ruining" sex tape. I guess that means we have pretty much no chance in seeing what is on this tape that could damage his reputation and career, and you know it HAD to be something juicy! I mean it's not like he is seen as a "saint" in anyone's eyes so what could this bad boy possibly be afraid of people seeing? (I had previously reminded you all of a "gay rumor" but now I am remembering a maybe more "little member" rumor that could have been the reason of cutting Colin's nude scene....hmmmm....)
He will appear in court again in LA on August 10th to try and get an injunction that would totally forbid her or anyone else from ever selling and distributing the tape. WHAT'S ON THAT TAPE?!!!

Breaking News...Literally!
Paris may not be saying "I do" to Paris anymore! Oh the shame...How sad will she be now that she may not be able to marry herself anymore?! According to today's Metro Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis might be calling it splitsville and a Paris on Paris wedding may not happen after all. Reportedly while in Greece the two fought so much that she stormed out on him. But as we all know Paris...She didn't just stop at storming out the hotel, she flew all the way back to the states.
Supposedly Paris Latsis' father spoke to tabloids and stated that he was happy to hear of the turmoil within the relationship because his family was not too found of Hotel heiress and in fact hoped that this would be the end of the relationship and that they would not in fact have to see a wedding in the near future. Harsh accusations although I have heard other places that the Latis' were in fact "embarrassed" to have her joining their family.
Paris seems to have some relationship issues, and I actually hope that this all works out for her because she did seem very happy (and lets not forget those pregnancy rumors! We can't have Paris being a single mother!) Plus it would be nice to prove those snotty Latsis' wrong and have her make Paris a good wife! My thoughts are with you in this hard time Paris and I can only hope this is nothing more than a nasty rumor.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Anyone else notice that Johanna is in the same sorority that I was?! Go go Gamma Phi! I accept her as my sister and if she ever wants to go out drinking...I'm there for her! HOT! Loves it! :)

And now on to Rachel...Who hasn't been there before?! I wish I could say I haven't...But I have to admit (and you all have to admit it too!) it happens to the best of us. Collin...Is a GRADE A jerk..I wont even lie, when I saw Collin with his girlfriend the night after he was with Rachel, my stomach actually turned over. I felt so badly for her. My face went all hot and I had that terrible, "I'm so mad I want to throw up feeling". Ugh...I wish I could beat him up for Rachel! Although she wasn't the nicest to him.. (ok I'm done go home I'm tired..Who taught you your social skills? Saddam?!) I still felt badly for her because he was the initial jerk.

Ugh...As Kristin from Laguna would say...I don't wanna talk about it...I don't want to talk about it! UGH! Boys...If you have a girlfriend...WHY BOTHER?!!!!! COLLIN=G-ROSS in my book!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Newlyweds...Or Newlydivorcites?

The last few months we have heard reports of Nick Lachey and Jessica Lachey...Uh...I mean Jessica Simpson... Impending divorce. Then we have heard reports that this wasn't in fact true. Then my favorite gossiper "Perez Hilton" posted this:

"Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville are going public. Johnny is leaving
his wife, Simpson is filing for divorce - they are shopping the exclusive story
to the weeklies under Joe Simpson's direction. Her PR instinct is that the news
will break in next week's weeklies to fuel some fire before the July 28th Dukes
of hazard premiere."

I also heard from a trusted source that the makeup artist for "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie said that Johnny Knoxville and Jessica were DEFINITELY sleeping together...But I really really really refuse to believe all the countless evidence that keeps pouring in. Plus they were at the ESPY awards together this Saturday...And that HAS to mean something right?!!

Say it aint so Jess...say it aint so....and please...take Nick's last name already!

Going to the Chapel....and we're gonna get maaaaaried...

Oh yeah...and while I was MIA....Sandra Bullock got married to Jesse James! Hopefully I can find some pictures soon...They had their wedding this weekend where Ben Afleck and Jennifer LOPEZ (not to be mistaken with Jennifer Gardner who ACTUALLY married him!) were supposed to be married...More to come soon!

Congrats! (hey better late than never!)

Ok Lindsay...I'm trying to defend you here...but what the heck is this you are wearing? Have you gone crazy too like Katie and Tom?! Maybe she just needs a nap....after her big meal!


Does any one have Linday Lohan's email address? I am so tempted to send her this side by side, she looked so much better before...If she promises to gain some weight I will overlook the blonde hair for a while, but really she was such a natural beauty and now she just looks scary...

I mean she doesn't look awful, but she just doesn't look healthy (i.e.: feed) Lets do lunch Linds! Please! I think you need it!

Colin, Colin, Colin....

(Remember when he looked that hot??) What can I say...He has kinda gained some weight, looks kind of like he never showers, and his hair is WAY too long now (and then there was that model picture...See below)...He MIGHT have lost some sex appeal. What to do what to do? I got it...A SEX TAPE!

WRONG! Colin is actually very upset that his x-girlfriend is planning on releasing the tape. He is going sue her saying that the tape they made 2 years ago is, "private and confidential. He also said that the tape will harm his reputation. " hmmm...Harming his reputation you say? What on earth could be on this tape???? (could it maybe confirm some...Ahem rumors..Cough..Cough...)

<------What the hell?!

Well...They Always Say...Third Time's a Charm
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are engaged...yet again. Lee proposed to Anderson...Again...At the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada this Friday. Her engagement ring...A black diamond surrounded by two grey diamond baguettes. A little unconventional...Maybe a little "foreboding" but then again, it is fitting for a rocky relationship like theirs. At least this time the ring can be removed painlessly if they decide to go for a third divorce.
Once a Cheater Always a Cheater
Jude Law cheated on his BEAUTIFUL fiance Sienna Miller with the Nanny...Does this sound familiar? Well it should because Jude Law cheated on his previous wife as well...Really one would think with such a beautiful fiance he could try and keep it in his pants, but apparently not! The worst part about it is....The nanny..Not that hot...
They are now..."Working through things" according to some sources, but according to "This is London" the relationship had been rocky for some time, and now after the "nanny incident" it looks as though they have broken up. "This is London" even stated that when Miller confronted Law about the affair he claimed it was because she paid too much attention to her career and not enough attention to him. (Oh ok...So you go out and do the nanny, and then possibly lose Seinna's attention forever...goooooood call Jude!) Read the entire article here.
A bit of advice for Sienna....Get rid of Jude, and if you just can't seem to do it and you are really wiling to work through this...Get a really really ugly Nanny! P.S.: How did news of the affair leak and result in Jude having to make a public apolgy? One of Jude's children told Saddie Frost about it! (I hope they didn't see it happening)
Why don't you decide who is hotter...JUDE IS STUPID...and/or blind