Monday, October 31, 2005

More Celebrity Costumes

This costume IS making me wonder something....Like "I wonder why on earth Haylie Duff decided to be Wonder Woman." and "I wonder what her sister is dressed as" and "I wonder did Hillary and Joel shared the same eyeliner tonight!"
P.S.: How beautiful does Hillary look though, even though I can't figure out what she is!

For Your Halloween Enjoyment!
What Would Scare You More?

Dakota Fanning in a scary Halloween costume?


Dakota Fanning normally?

It's would think it would be Dakota Fanning in a scary costume would freak me out more...but it's normal Dakota that wins out, she just really freaks me out!
Welcome to SlutFest...A.K.A. Halloween

So...apparently I didn't get the memo that Halloween is now a total slutfest. Okay, I got the memo, I just ignored it! I feel like everywhere I went this weekend there were just girls in tinier and tinier outfits. Now, before I had given into this whole phenomenon (nice girl turns slut because October 31st comes around), but this year I just couldn't bring myself to it (not to mention my friends refused to dress up which disappointed me a little bit). Regardless though, my not dressing up didn't seem to save me from the sluts. They were everywhere and in abundance. Now, guys, I know you are all probably cursing me for saying this because next to Mardi Gras Halloween is probably the only time of year you can find girls half naked and ready, willing, and able to make out with the first guy they see in a Santa Suit (or really any other costume, I just pick Santa due to the fact that he seemed to be getting all the action when we were out Saturday night), but too bad!

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind the skankfest too much if the costumes were at least original, but unfortunately they weren’t at all. It seemed as though the theme of the night was how short I can get my skirt and how low can my shirt go. (Again, a treat for every guy in the room.) Everywhere we looked…lamer and lamer costumes. But, I guess I can’t complain seeing as the trend will never end and next year I will go back to just giving in and I will too dress up, but with discretion.

However, I would like to share with you all my favorite costume of the night. We came across three people dressed as none other than Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. However, something wasn’t right. The Scarecrow had on a Ramirez jersey, and then we soon realized that the Lion (after he disrobed) on a Varitek Jersey, and they were missing their tin man! Well…seeing as I was out with all Yankee’s fans and the fact that we were perplexed by the absence of the Tin Man we sent over our trusty Alana to ask what was up with their costumes. Well, Dorothy took over and told us, that she herself was also wearing a Red Sox jersey. She told us she was wearing a Damon jersey because Damon was a girl, and that the Lion was wearing a Varitek jersey because he is a coward, and that the Scarecrow was wearing a Schilling jersey because he has no brains. Then she told us that they had actually lost the Tin Man on their journey to the bar (apparently he strayed off the Yellow Brick Road), but he was wearing a Ramirez jersey because Ramirez has no heart! (P.S. We liked them after that!)

I also have some favorite and not so favorite costumes from Hollywood. Coming in as my FAVORITE costume, Tyra Banks dressed up as Paris Hilton, she hit it DEAD ON other than the fact that she is giving her a little too much class.

My other favorite had to be Denise Richard’s children. Only ‘because they are sooooo cute in their costumes.

Now…at first I hated Adam Brody’s costume, but then when I saw him with the whole thing one…AND the fact that he was WITH Rachel Bilson, I pretty much loved it. So girls…take notes, there is NO NEED to come to a party half naked to have a good costume!

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa!!!

Is this your Halloween costume and the scary dude on your am a terrifying accessory? Oh, it isn't, it's your boyfriend Cisco Adler. Oh...Alright then. Well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. (But really NO ONES eyes would pick that outfit out as a beauty!)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Too Skinny to Marry?!

I have always been scared that some boy will tell me one day down the line, "I love you and I want to marry you, but you are too skinny, so I must leave" You know what sucks the most about this irrational fear that I have? Now it has become a reality!

Well...Not quite...But Nicole Richie has postponed her wedding due to the fact that she is just too skinny. At her last dress fitting she found out that due to her major weight loss her wedding gown is now entirely too big for her to wear. She had it taken in at least 3 times already and finally she was told that it was just too big. She looked ridiculous and decided to postpone her wedding, I wonder if she has yet come to the realize that the weight loss might actually be a problem. Hopefully this can scare the girl back into eating...Although it doesn't look as though it has yet.

I Hear The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Brooke Shields is pregnant with baby #2, and I wonder what Tom Crusie has to say about it. I'm sure he will be happy for her...As long as she doesn't use any sort of drug ever again and goes to "therapy" to cure her problems.

I am very happy for Brooke I think it is just great that she overcame her postpartum depression and made the world aware that it is okay to feel this way. And....Tom Cruise can SUCK IT!

Kate Moss is Flying the Coop

Kate checked herself out of rehab earlier this week and will soon be back together with her 3 year old daughter Lila. No word on whether or not her and Pete Doherty will be getting back together yet, but I think it might be a good idea to NOT go down that road again. Not that I am blaming him for her problems because CLEARLY he wasn't forcing her to do lines of coke on camera, but I'm not saying that he wasn't partly responsible for the downfall of the beauty. (mainly because...Who lets a camera film your girlfriend blowing lines of coke?!!)

Kate was only in rehab for a month...Last time I checked it takes a little longer to fight a problem like that, but I'm no expert at this seeing as I myself have never been in rehab, so maybe she is all better now...We will soon see in the next coming months.
Maybe She Didn't Steal Her Boyfriend

According to the "I swear I'm not a womanizer" Wilmer Valderrama, he supposedly is "just friends" with the lovely Ashlee Simpson. They have been friends for 5 and a half years and it hasn't gone past that. I'm not too sure if I believe him, but I guess I will take his word on it.

Fortunitly he does dish on the other lovely ladies he dated in people magazine and I must's very....PG and not interesting. Oh well!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Guys Best Friend

Nooo...Not a dog. But this bathroom might be a guys dream come true! (or nightmare...That woman with the tape measure might be a little intimidating for some guys!)

Really...With all the money that goes into making movies with big name actors, you think that they could at least afford a trailer for Orlando Bloom to sleep in!! (Source)

I really do love Hillary...But her fashion sense lately is really beginning to worry me!

Love Is...A Beautiful Couple

Looks like Keira is on the Nicky Hilton plan and is back together with her x-boyfriend Jamie Dornan only after 2 months after they "called a time out" on their relationship.
Ever Really Regert Not Buying That High School Yearbook??

Well...if you do you can relive your high school memories through my favorite rich kids and buy the Laguna Beach Year Book on eBay! It's a hot commoditity last time I checked it was up to $425.00!

Ugh...Here is a picture of my OTHER RYAN with his WIFE! What is it with my Ryan's flaunting their long lasting, loving relationships in my face?!

P.S. Alanis does NOT look like herself here...Is she wearing a wig?
He is Sooooo In Love With Her!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jess Goes To Community College...Spends More Time with Dieter

You read it in Pamela's see the pictures which prove it!

Lindsay Lohan DID have an Eating Problem!

Lindsay repeatedly dodged claims that she had a problem with eating as well as dodging whether or not her rapid weight loss was due to cocaine loss. She told magazines at the time that her weight loss was due to regular training and working out. Well thankfully for younger Lohan fans everywhere (because remember she started at Disney so there still are tons of younger fans) her weight loss was not due to any type of cocaine problem (well...Hopefully). Lindsay has finally decided to come clean about her weight loss. She admits that she lost 20-25 pounds during a very busy time of her working. Lindsay said "I was going through a lot of stuff and overworking and not thinking of my body,” she said. “I lost 20-25 pounds. I was on IV drips. I nearly died.”

Scary stuff...Well hopefully Lindsay has learned her lesson, as for going out, Lindsay has said that she now would rather take a hike than go out to a club, "I'm growing as a person and I've found other ways to feel better."

What caused her to lose all this weight? "There is a huge pressure to stay thin in Hollywood, "specially when you lose a lot of weight and then people are telling you, 'You look great!' You (ask), 'So.Did I look fat before?'"

Good for Lindsay speaking out...Young girls need to know there is NO reason to feel as though you need to lose weight just because Hollywoodood is skinny...Hearing that even Lindsay can fight it can help some girls with their own problems...Hollywood has an unrealistict view of body image!


Want to Know What Your Favorite Rich Kids Were REALLY Up To?

Seattle writer Pamela Sitt spends two days with the kids from Laguna and they revealed some pretty juicy tidbits of information! She also updates us all on what they are up to after life on MTV. It will make you laugh...cry...and might even be life altering (okay...definitly not...but whatever it's interesting!)

Oh, and just for the record...Jason is in LOOOOOOOVE with LC!!

Since I Have Personally Not Heard Otherwise...

Happy 3rd Anniversary Nick and Jess!
Could it be That My Boyfriend is Engaged...

AND ITS NOT TO ME?!!!!! Is it true?? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have been seen almost everywhere together and its obvious that they are dating, but could it be that the two got engaged and it flew right under the radar? Check out these pictures where Rachel is wearing a rather large ring on her finger...Suspicious! She is wearing it on her right hand though, but maybe that's just to throw us off.

I might be mad... but honestly...could this be any cuter?!

When Mom Says No...It Means No!

Brad Pitt's mom supposedly wants to stop the alleged marriage between himself and Angelina. The two were reported to have set a Thanksgiving wedding date, but the wedding seems to have been halted due to Pitt's mom's disapproval of the relationship. Pitt's mom says that she isn't happy with the two getting married due to the fact that she has already been in two previous failed marriages. However, a third time might be the charm. (Personally I think she isn't too happy about the marriage due to reports of her closeness with Jen)

Paris is a Dirty Dirty Girl

And so is her new boyfriend. Paris and Stavros showed their affection towards each other at an exclusive Hollywood party. After making out and groping each other excessively the two retired to none other than....A portable toilet to close the deal. Let me tell you...Nothing says class like making it with your new boyfriend in a portable toilet only weeks after calling off your engagement! G-ROSS!

If You "didn't steal her boyfriend", How Come You Are Always Seen With Him???

Apparently they are "just friends"...but, Ashlee, I'm feeling like "you say he just a friend!" Seeing as you are ALWAYS together!!!! Deny Deny Deny...did you learn that from Jess?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Everywhere else today I have seen pictures of Lovely Lindsay's bra and I have tried to stray from posting it, but then I thought, who am I to keep Lindsay's boobs from the public, she doesn't shy away from exposing them so why should I?

But because I want to be original and fair...I'm throwing in some Ashlee boobs too! Wilmer shouldn't be the only one to enjoy seeing them both!

When is She Due????
Jennifer Garner is looking more than pregnant this weekend at her baby shower. When is she due? She might win the award for looking more pregnant than Heidi Klum!
Which Stellar Star Smile Would You Want?

Ever wonder what's wrong with Kristen Dunst's teeth? Well wonder now more. She love her teeth and is making no attempt to fix them no matter what anyone, including her mother, says. She thinks that "messed up teeth" (her words NOT mine) are sexy. It seems to have worked for both Lauren Hutton and Patricia Arquette, so maybe it will work for Kristen Dunst as well. One thing we know...we will never see her on the Dakota Fanning Plan.

Heidi and Leni go to the pumpkin patch. It really is absolutely amazing how fast she lost all that baby weight. Where is baby number two and daddy Seal though?

I hope you all got a good glimpse of Britney's baby pictures because you won't see them anytime soon. Britney decided to pull her offer when she realized that this was her baby, her life, and that it was private. After bursting into tears, the pop idol decided that it wasn't the best idea to publish these private photos to all of the world.

Justin Timberlake came to her defense when some thought that what she did was unfair,

"When a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, is having their first
child, it's like, `leave the girl alone,'" Timberlake told "Access Hollywood" in
an interview to air Monday. Excerpts were released in advance. "I do think
that's crossing the line," the 24-year-old singer said. "That's her baby and
those are her baby pictures."
Maybe in good time we will see little Sean Preston (which by the way, might not ACTUALLY be his name) , but as of now, I think we should all just respect her privacy.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Buuuut....Not for Paris Hilton, she seems to have moved on very quickly, with her younger, already been dated by Mary Kate, boyfriend. Oh young love, how quickly it comes and goes.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Love is Confusing

Looks like I can breathe easier now...I think that Mandy and Zach Braff are still happily together and therefore so must be Rachel and Adam. Even though these pictures look a little suspicious, I wouldn't worry too much I think these are just pictures of the two hanging out while they were filming their movie.
P.S. Just so you know my other pictures were more suspect, but I decided that I didn't appreciate the tag! :)