Thursday, April 27, 2006


Look, I know that it is very possible that Charlie Sheen doesn't look at kiddie porn and that the allegations might just be an attempt to lash out against him by future x-wife Denise Richards...But let's be honest...How creepy is the timing of this press conference?! Not to mention how creepy is the picture attached along with it?

I'm NOT buying Sheen's Kids for ANY child I know!

Back in Shape!

I guess when you are actually working it's more of a push to want to get your body back into shape. Maybe from now on pregnant stars should make sure that they have a job waiting for them when they walk out of the delivery room!
Uh Oh...Someone Almost Had a wardrobe Malfunction

And I'm sure that every male Jessica Alba fan in America is upset that her wardrobe malfunction didn't actually happen!

2006 US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards
Who was there? Who was hot? Who was not?!
Nice bra paris!

Beautiful...AS ALWAYS!

Now I am a HUGE fan of Aly and AJ, but who dressed them tonight?!

Someone might have wanted to tell Brittany that her dress was TOOOO short!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Cut's Her Hair and Goes Blonde!

Who Does He Think He Is?!

Tom Cruise is kinda a TOTAL PSYCHO! Every time I see a picture of him I wonder to myself, he can't REALLY be serious!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now I Know Why I Didn't See Him!

Jake is in LA so my efforts of bumping into him (quite literally too, I had a whole plan on how I would walk into him and then say sorry and pretend like I didn't know who he was and he would fall in love with me...And eventually go to my website and see that I CLEARLY knew who he was, but we will be in such love that he will find it endearing by that time!) were futile!

It's official!!!!

Britney IS pregnant again! See, I know my stuff! Although now I am forced to deem her the DUMBEST MOTHER ALIVE. Because she was seen drinking a cocktail with Kevin....Um, while she was pregnant! UGH! Some people should really not be allowed to have children. Britney Spears is right at the top of that list!

According various reports Britney is about 4 months along. The news was broken by US Weekly's blog who was seen swimming in a pool at Ceasar's Palace this weekend visibly pregnant (hmmm...Maybe that's the REAL reason Kevin didn't want Britney at his show, the is she pregnant, is she not pregnant news was SURE to overshadow his coming out party!) Sources then confirmed the pregnancy to the magazine.

If she is in fact four months along, Sean and the new Federspawn should have birthday's about a month away. Now that we know she is pregnant lets hope Britney lays off the cigs and booze!
Star Sightings and a Review

Do I have pictures...NO, but just trust me since I do not report these things often!

On our way down to see our fav movie BLACKBALLED (coming to a city near you, click the link, check it out) We not only saw one celebrity, but two! I guess Leanne is my good luck charm when it comes to seeing famous people! (Although I tried with all my power to bump into Jake Gylenhaall, it just didn't happen). We saw Alex M. on her way into the TRL studio, even though TRL was long over at that time, so I'm not sure why. We also saw Leelee Sobieski walking down the street, and she was a lot taller than we all thought she would be! So that was my star sighting!

Blackballed, although I have already seen it, was just as good in the theater as it was the first time I saw it. If you are a fan of Rob Corddry's humor on The Daily Show you are bound to enjoy this mockumentary on paintball. But don't for one second believe that he is the only source of humor in this movie. Although his humor is definite, the five other main characters as well as the rest of the cast is sure to make you laugh out loud many a times throughout the movie. My favorite happens to be Rob Riggle who you might know from his one year stint on SNL, he is hilarious as Eddie with his militant attitude as well as his feelings (good and bad) towards Lenny Pear. It's non-stop laughs all the way through.

Check out the site, I'm sure it is playing somewhere near you and if not you can expect the DVD out July 25th.


Well, not really, I really do think that Kelly is a jerk, but I have a lot more to say about it than that!

First off, "Sabrina, I forgot!" WHAT?! YOU DID NOT! We all saw you, you were standing RIGHT NEXT TO HER when you got off the phone! YOU ARE A JERK KELLY!

Kelly is so mean and vindictive. Geez, can't she just be happy for her sister? I mean, is modeling only okay for her if she is doing well and Sabrina is sitting at home by herself doing nothing?! What a JERK!

In case you didn't notice I am NOT A FAN AT ALL! I never liked Kelly though I always found her to be fake and phony! She is on my list right now!

Vinci is a moron, but come on, that's not so much of a surprise. I would DIE if they fired him, he so deserves it, but alas as I have been on the Irene Marie site many times it looks as though he will not get the boot. I hope he does get a swift kick though, and for America's sake, someone teach that boy how to spell!

But mainly all I have to say is KELLY IS A JERK! I hope she is the one with the astigmatism in the acuvue, because blindness is the only excuse I will take for the way she can't seem to see the way she is hurting her sister!

P.S. Irene Marie bookers....Don't you yell at 'Brina! You only have your own laziness to blame considering YOU called Kelly and told HER to tell Sabrina....No no no, make another call and call Sabrina too!
8 Seconds on 8th and Ocean

k...thanks that's all I need to say today!

Real World Wrap Up

So....Today was the FIRST episode where we didn't have to hear ONLY about Paula's eating and men problems. Nor did we have to here, actually, anything about Svitz! What did we hear though? Tyler finally get his! And get his he did! It now looks as though Tyler can dish it out, but he unfortunately cannot take it. Oh wait, who am I kidding?! It's AWESOME that he cannot take it...Well....For us! So Tyler throws a drink at John (allegedly, because I didn't see it happen) and then John retaliates with a TON of maturity and throws his drink back at Tyler (also allegedly because I didn't see that either) What did I see? John being a total homophobic meathead and then Tyler walking out of the bar with a very wet shirt! Then I saw Tyler freaking out because he didn't like how John was making fun of him....And you know what my first thought was?! TOUGH SHIT TYLER! Why?! Well...Because he makes constant fun of Svitz and kinda deserves a little taste of his own medicine. Do I think John was wrong? Well obviously, but I still think it was refreshing to see Tyler not liking the attacks that he usually dishes out.

John though....SO STUPID, he finally apologizes to Tyler for being wrong and totally abrasive and what does he say RIGHTAFTER?!!? "I think Tyler got a..." You know what from hugging him! John, way to be right back to square one idiot!

Um, everything else that happened was stupid, I could care less about Paula being beaten due to the fact that she talks about it all the time and tells EVERYONE even though she says repeatedly , "No one knows, no one knows!" Yeah...It's getting old Paula, I'm ready to move on from Keith and so should you!

When Given The Choice....

When faced with the decision between jail time and 240 hours of community service what would you chose? Most logical people would chose the 240 hours of community service since after the stint they wouldn't have to tell people that they were in jail...But not good ol' Ana Lucia. Lost actress, Michelle Rodriguez chose 5 days in jail and a fine...Because...Well...I guess because she thinks Jail is more suitable. And I have to admit, I do not disagree do to the fact that Michelle Rodriguez is kind of a man and probably would fair better in jail then she would if she had to do community service. AND now she has street cred too! AWESOME!!

Well...Good choice Michelle, I can't wait to read your tell all book about your time in jail...Oh wait, I'm sure you cannot read or write! (P.S. I don't like Michelle Rodriguez in case you didn't get that! Maybe the writers of Lost will be a little skitish about having an x-con in their cast and will kill her off....I mean, a girl can wish can't she?)

Let's talk about how remorsefull she looks in her court picture! She deserves an attitude adjustment in jail!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Imaginary Blackberrys are ALL the Rage Right Now!

Tom Cruise has one, Shane from survivor has one...Next thing you know I will be running to my local Verizon store asking for one!

Tom Cruise showed off pictures of his new daughter Suri to his castmates on his imaginary Blackberry!! Yeah, but lets be honest, Tom is NOT going crazy!

Certainly he isn't crazy and even if he was...Who is more crazy? Shane from survivor who is using his imaginary Blackberry to communicate with friends from home. Or Tom who HASN'T been without food, water, or adequate sleep for days now?

Hmmm...Well at least Tom isn't alone in his imaginary Blackberry world...Let's be honest, Tom DEFINITELY stole the idea from Survivor!!

Brett Ratner NOT A Good Gift Giver!

Apparently Paris Hilton's enemy, Zeta Graff, gave Brett Ratner a $900 Hermes blanket. Not a shabby gift if you ask me! Wrapped in the towel was a picture of Zeta in a bikini with a note saying, "For when I'm not there to keep you warm." Cute right?!

Well, it's not so cute when you decide to re-gift the blanket and give it to you current girlfriend not noticing the picture and note enclosed. Lindsay was...Well...Not so pleased when she saw it. Later Graff emailed Ratner to find out how he liked her special present to which he responded, "Lindsay Lohan stole it! I will get it back!"

What does Graff have to say about this? Well, in good spirits she told page six, " guess now I know that [Ratner] is also eco-friendly and he recycles!"

Uh Oh JoJo!

As I'm sure you all know by now, my friend Mike is a HUGE fan of JoJo and has a very healthy relationship with the 15 year old stunner. (Well...Mostly the relationship is in his head, but it IS a relationship nonetheless)

Well, it seems as though JoJo's boyfriend Freddy might have to throw down with Mike, because she is ALREADY TAKEN! Hmmm...Freddy and JoJo...Together at the RV premiere...Don't worry Mike, I think her non-invitation to you was just an over site and Freddy is SO not her boyfriend!

Someone seems to have fallen back into the swing of things rather quickly! So the real question Sienna Jude's new nanny? Or are the two back together?
The two took Jude's children out to see Ice Age 2. I guess good for Sienna if she has decided to be the new nanny, at least that way she will never have to worry about Jude wanting the nanny...And finally she will be getting some from him!

Forget that Hayden Christensen is hanging out with some guy and looking rather feminine....

More importantly...YOU GET 5 CENTS OFF EVERY GALLON AT EXXON/MOBILE?!!! Much, much more interesting!!

Britney Not Invited?!

No way is this possible! Apparently the only reason Britney wasn't at Kevin's CD party was because she wasn't allowed. Kevin felt that if his famous wife would upstage him (or take all his female adoring fans away from him) if she were at the party. Well, I guess he is right since I'm sure 90 percent of his audience was only there to catch a glimpse of the former pop princess turned homemaker!

Britney was NOT happy when Kevin broke the news to her, which could account for the tears and fighting that was reported to have been seen during their dinner out together. So was it really a fight? Or did Kevin simply not want Brit there?!

I wonder if he went home with a "fan" that night...Soon about 30 percent of the population of trashy girls will be pregnant with Federline's kids!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hot Feet is HOT HOT HOT!

This Friday I went to see a preview of Hot Feet with my friend Jen. It was the second show so little kinks were still being ironed out, but it was AH-MAY-ZING! The whole plot was so interesting. Vivian Nixon who plays Kalimba, longs to be a dancer in a top rate dance company. When she is finally given the shot at it she still faces obstacles in the form of those who are just as talented and hard working as she is, her mother's pleas for her not to stop going to school, the relationship between her and her choreographer and of course the battle between good and evil that will be determined by a pair of red dancing shoes!

Vivian Nixon is an AWESOME dancer! As are the rest of the cast! My favorite character by far had to be Allen Hidalgo who played Louie. I can't go into detail of who his character was, but I can say that he stole the show! His humor was always right on time, and he played his role amazingly! The music, all Earth, Wind and Fire, was so upbeat it made you want to get out of your seat and dance too, which after the standing ovation most people did! Other than one scene that ran a little too long, the play was fantastic. I recommend that you all go out and see it, it's so much fun and a great alternative to the regular weekend night out!!

It's My (husband's) Party, and I'll Go If I Want To!

And Britney didn't want to...why didn't she want to, well check out her stunner of a husband and you might understand why. I mean at least he picked a clean wife beater I suppose.

P.S. There is FULLY a girl flipping Kevin she "hard" or does she just hate Kevin?!

Kristin Cav...Out Partying...

And who is that stud next to her?! Could it possibly be the ONLY picture of "she dumped me in the car" Nick Lachey and Kristin Cavallari? I think so!

Let's be honest though...they might have hung out a couple of times and all, but no way are they still together? And I think that Jess was wearing her ring to stick it to Kristin that she will only be a rebound, but that Jess tricked him all the way to the alter!


Tom and Katie Clearly Do NOT Like Their New Baby!

Ok, so I told you all that Suri Cruise was born a couple of days ago. I also told you that her name either meant, Red Rose in Persian, or that it meant Princess in Hebrew. Well, I certainly hope that they meant to name her the Persian verison...because if they meant to name her the hebrew word Suri, it actually means..."GET OUT OF HERE!" Geez Tom and Katie, why don't tell me how you REALLY feel!!

I Figured It Out!

Justin is pissed and in a bad mood 'cause Cameron was laughing at him as they left the Lakers game the other day!!

Justin, I'd be pissed too! I know you want your space and all too, so that must REALLY infuriate you! (She looks like a spy talking into her jacket!)

Talk About BAAAAAAAAAD Timing!

So as you all know Denise Richards wants a little space from Charlie Sheen claiming that he pushes her around and threatens to kill her. She also alleges that when he isn't occupied with beating her he is usually looking at either gay porn, or child porn.

So with all these allegations, why on earth would he think that it would still be a good idea to go forward with his new children's clothing line? Apparently his PR agent dropped the ball on that one, because if MY client was being accused of these things...Never would I allow him to go forward with his "little girl line". P.S. Just in case anyone wanted to know, his little girl line would have been creepy with or without the allegations!

Wow...What Does Justin Have To Be Angery About??

Either Justin is having a "moment", or he is NOT too happy about raising gas prices! Justin, I know that gas prices are ridiculous, but do you need to be so mean?!
How Bad Can Your Career Be When Even Your WIFE Doesn't Support You?!

Well it looks as though the only A-list celebrity that was on the guest list for Kevin Federline's Album Debut party didn't show. And who could that A-lister who snubbed Kevin be? Well non other than his "in good times and bad" wife. Apparently Britney Spears didn't think that "bad times" would include Kevin making a fool of himself while attempting to rap in front of many people. I think she thought "Bad Times" would just include the time when Kevin would cheat, or stay out all night without warning...I mean, come one, these are MUCH better prospects for bad times when one stops and thinks about how bad Kevin's rapping really is!

The two were seen fighting before the party at Vegas restaurant Nero and Britney allegedly ran out in tears and then never showed up for his party. I wonder if she was crying because of the fight, or crying because she heard Kevin's CD?!

Hey when even your wife wont support you....That's gotta REALLY suck!

Paris...Not So Smart!

Like that's a shocker! It seems as though Paris Hilton is as dumb as my friends Jack Russell Terrier...(see picture where she seems to be engaged in a conversation with her reflection!). It seems, that once again Paris didn't know when to say enough is enough. Just like when she made her infamous video, she has made yet another bad decision and has reportedly lost her Bentley in a poker game. Paris claims that she is very good at poker and never loses when in Vegas (she fails to mention that she probably only plays in her father's hotel), but it seems that not all is true. caught wind of Hilton's loss and has offered her a deal to win a brand new Bentley back. All she has to do is play against the infamous Mike Sexton and win and they will hand her over they keys to her new car. I wouldn't expect Paris to except this deal anytime soon though since her reps have been quoted saying although she "does enjoy poker", he adds, "Her Bentley is in her garage."

So did she lose the car? I bet she did, but whomever she lost it too felt bad for her since she probably thought that hand of a 2, a jack, a four, and a five was a winning hand!

Friday, April 21, 2006

There is Something to be Said About a GREAT Smile!

And once again I must be saying...SERIOUSLY...HOW HOT!
How Cute is a Brother Sister Relationship?!

Well...However cute it may be, it's a hell of a lot cuter when your brother is none other than Jake Gyllenhaall. How human are these two?! And Maggie is definitely pregnant, so learning how to skateboard...Although a good bonding experiment, might not be the SAFEST idea!