Friday, September 30, 2005

Need an Actor?

Here are the many faces of Michael James Fleming for your viewing pleasure
courtesy of the TaLib Crew:

He has a TON of range!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Is Going On Here?!!!

Is Jess having some money problems?? Or is Cacee stocking up on stolen linens because Jess isn't paying her? I'm sure these girls can find the money to BUY the sheets and not steal them from their NYC hotel!
Look Who Got Her Man Back!

Hopefully he has either chosen her over his family's pleas to not go on with this relationship OR she is going to pretend like she likes him...And then screw him over. Regardless, they seem to be together and she seems to look triumphant!

You Cheated...You Lied...You Said That You Loved Me

So why did Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray call it quits after only a very short amount of time? Well the rumor is that while filming "House of Wax" Chad cheated on Sophia with non other than Paris Hilton. (YUCK!) Well, being the understanding girl that Sophia is, she forgave him and agreed to marry him despite the infidelity. But that wasn't the end of it, after the two got married he allegedly continued to cheat on her. Not cool...At all! So finally she had enough with his no good cheating ways and called it quits on the marriage.

How stupid is Chad?? If you are going to sleep around...Try not to sleep with the sluttiest woman in Hollywood, because not only will you PROBABLY get caught, but you might have some lovely diseased parting gifts as well. YUCK Chad...YUCK!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So....I totally forgot to post this yesterday...And I am sure you all know this anyways, but just in case some of you use So Tres Fetch as your one and only source to the outside world and news. (Like I would...If I weren't the one writing it)

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are getting a divorce. Well there is a shocker...They got married so young (she is 22 and he is 24) and the fact that they got married after less than a year of dating. Even though I am not totally shocked...I do feel a little bad they were cute together :( oh well...c'est la vie!

A Little Syracuse and MTV Love

Everything you ALWAYS (read: probably not actually) wanted to know about my college peer Carmelo Anthony and his Fiance LaLa Vasquez. It's a little too weird for me that I went to school with him...that I am two years older than him...and yet...he is engaged and makes more money in one year than I will ever see in my whole lifetime....

I should have been born a 6'9" basketball player instead of a 5'3" little girl.

Like A Good Boyfriend Would!

Eva Longoria was offered $100,000 to show up at a bachelor party. Now...Any good man with half a brain would probably freak out. Or tell her to say no...Or something along the lines of that. What did Eva Longoria's HOT basketball playing boyfriend say? Don't go? Absolutely not? Why would you even consider that? No...None of those things. He asked, "Well, what will you have to do?" Niiiiiice.

Clearly we see where the priorities are in this relationship, money over bitches! But I mean I guess I can't be that surprised I am beginning to think more and more that they might just have an open relationship since I seem to see her with another man everyday!

P.S.: I think she is going to turn the "job" down.


yep...nothing more to say than that!
SLIGHTLY (read: extremely) DISTURBED

Okay...So I told you that Kristin Cavallari told Rolling Stone about the love triangle between Talan, Lindsay and herself, but what I failed to mention was....WTF WHY IS KRISTIN IN ROLLING STONE?!! That's just so strange...I'm not sure when sluty high school reality stars were seen as the "it girls" for Rolling Stone, it's just so bizarre.

Even more disturbing are the pictures that appeared with the article. I mean don't get me wrong, she looks good...But she is IN HIGH SCHOOL! I hope she turned at LEAST 18 before they shot this. DISTURBING!
Oh and more disturbing...she is taking acting classes to make her transition from reality TV to acting go smoothly...Kristin...and actress?? That's about as good as hearing that Kristin ISN'T a slut!
Jennifer Garner is Having a Girl!

Whoops...Someone was so excited she couldn't keep it to herself! While trying to keep the sex of her baby under raps Jennifer accidentally slipped up and told the whole world on Jay Leno that she was having a little baby girl! Her reaction after she slipped...Priceless. Oh well...It's always nice to keep some privacy, but she was probably so excited that she forgot where she was! Congrats Jen!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

PUNK'D?!! Oh Gosh...I Hope Not!
Oh no...Could Ashton and Demi be pulling off a worldwide PUNK? Some are saying that their marriage might be a sham! I really hope that this isn't true, because like Cynthia, I think they are cute together...And also because I would be SO mad if this were all just an elaborate PUNK. I wouldn't laugh, I wouldn't, not one bit...Instead I will just be mad..That is a stupid PUNK.
So Demi...Ashton...If you ARE PUNKing the world...GET MARRIED SECRETLY NOW and pretend like it NEVER was a thought in your mind. Thanks :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

After two long years of ridicule the two finally decided to make it official and tie the knot on the controversial relationship! This will be the 27 year old Kutcher's first marriage...And the 42 year old (Even though she looks at MOST 25) Moore's third marriage, but to be fair she has had about an entire lifetime over him so it's only fitting that this be her third marriage.

They waited two years...Which makes it pretty official and non-Hollywoodlike so it might last...And I hope it does it must be really cool for Moores three children to have a star of their generation as their father. Gee...I wonder if Random had a crush on him before her mom met him?!!

Friday, September 23, 2005


Lindsay Lohan loves drama...or at least causing it. According to Page Six and Rolling Stone Magazine Miss Lindsay and Kristen Cavallari (Laguna Beach Kristen) do NOT get along at all. But they both love drama...Shouldn't they love each other?? No...The reason? Apparently Lindsay wasn't too happy to find Kristen in bed with her boyfriend. WHAT?!!

Ok...Rewind...Lindsay was dating Talan, also from Laguna Beach. Even though he was off limits due to the girlfriend Kristen decided it was still ok for her to sleep in the same bed as him, "I slept in Talan's bed, I mean, I was fully clothed, wearing a long T-shirt nothing went down."

So Lindsay heard about all this and got pissed?? OH NO MY CHILDREN...Lindsay walked into the room at 6am and FREAKED out. (CAN YOU REALLY BLAME HER??) I mean...I wouldn't be too happy to find ANYONE in bed with my boyfriend, but someone he dated and hooked up with before?? That makes it so much worse. And what makes it even more worse? Kristen is a little bit of a hoe and I really don't believe her that they didn'tt hook up.

Hey Linds...I love Kristen..Butt I SOOO have your back on this one!
If the Devil Wears Prada...I Want To Go To Hell and Borrow Her Shoes!

One book I didn't recommend earlier was The Devil Wears Prada...Not because I didn't it was worthy....But because I forgot that I had read it since I read it so long ago.

The Devil Wears Prada is clearly a great book and I'm sure with all the hype that follows this book you didn't need me to tell you that, but it is a must-read!

It is also in the process of being made into a movie (read the book first) and who is playing An-dre-ahhh? None other than Anne Hathaway. Here are some pictures of her on the set of The Devil Wears Prada...I CAN'T wait to see this movie, I wonder if I will hate her boss more from the movie or the book?!

Kate Moss vs. Sienna Miller...Who Wins?

Kate Moss definitely had a one up on Sienna when she had a "alleged" three-way with Jude Law's ex Sadie Frost and Coke-Head Kate (ouch!)

But I think it is safe to say that since Kate Moss' life has been going down hill recently thanks to her on-camera coke binge that Sienna was one up on Kate.

And now...Sienna definitely wins the fight as she will probably pick up the Burberry contract that recently dropped the coked out super model thanks to her "movie debut". Good job Sienna...Don't let anyone tell you you are taking Moss' sloppy seconds!
Jess Cleans Up Well

Believe it or not...These ARE the same people. And look Jess is WITH Nick...And they are wasted...TOGETHER...You know what they say...The couple that gets drunk together. Stays together...Maybe the divorce rumors were being mistaken for JAMIE not JESS...

Here is one more of Jess giving everyone the evil eye that doesn't believe in her marriage!

Paris Hilton...
amateur Porn Star...
Drug Dealer??
According to IMDB, while filming The Simple Life: Interns, Paris Hilton offered teens alcohol AND marijuana. Now...Wait lets not judge her too harshly just yet...She did it for a good cause. No, no one had glaucoma....Well no, no one had cancer....BUT they were a little too stiff...She just wanted to "loosen them up for taping". Ok, ok...Maybe that isn't such a great reason...You all can feel free to now judge!
One of the teens squealed to Maryland police and now Pretty Paris is under some heavy investigation. We shall see if maybe she can add drug dealer to her resume...Stay tuned!
Break and Thanks!!

So...I took a little break from blogging for a while, and I'm not going to lie, some of the gossip lately (sans kate moss' little coke binge) has been pretty boring. Lately the only thing that happens is this...a star loses too much weight...gains it back, looks better...a star gets SUPER pregnant...then has their baby and so on. It's possitively boring. So I would like to thank Jenny McCarthy for peeing in her pants, and I would also like to thank Lindsay Lohan for dying her hair back to red, you have both renewed my faith in gossip.

So I know make this promise to you. I somely swear that I am up to no good and that I will from now on not go more than 2 days without blogging and bringing you all the news that is fit to scandalize! Thank you all so much for continuing to visit my site even though some of you might have been met with disappointment (IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN...PROMISE!) I'm getting hits from all over the U.S. and other countries if you are stopping by for the first time today...keep coming back you all put a smile on my face...and if you are a returning vistor...don't stop...get it get it!

So....I swear...I will blog...if you all promise me you will keep on reading and putting a smile on this little girls face. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Twin Sister Is Getting Divorced! I don't really have a twin sister, but when I was in high school (and Jaime-Lynn DiScala (Meadow Soprano) was anorexic) all of my friends and even my mother were convinced that we looked "Soooo much alike!" So I have ever since then dubbed her as my twin sister! Sorry Jamie, but I'm sure you won’t mind, I would be a super cool sister.

Anyways back to the "reality skewed real world", Jamie is filing from divorce from her husband A.J. DiScala after only three short years of marriage. Now...this is a Hollywood marriage so I am not totally surprised that they are getting a divorce not that I would wish that on anyone...but lets be honest...50 percent marriages end up in divorce and I think that 99 percent of all of those divorces are from Hollywood marriages.

What shocks me more is this little fact. Jamie and JESSICA SIMPSON are buds...and it has been reported that Jess and Nick are having some marital problems as well and may actually already be separated...and now we find out that Jamie and her husband have also been separated for about a month and that they have been living separately since. So their reality seems pretty close to the allegations against Jess and Nick...

Could the two friends be going through the same thing?? I guess we will just have to wait and find out if Jess and Nick ever come out publicly with a divorce announcement.

Tickle Monster!

Ok...I don't like Howard Stern...Nor do I like the way he treats women as objects...NOR do I like the fact that women allow him to treat them in these ways...buuuuut....This can't go without mention.

Apparently Jenny McCarthy can't hold it in...And that's gross...What is even more gross...That we all can't WAIT to see these pictures!

Hair Raising Tales Part II

First Lindsay goes back to her natural red color...Then Tiger takes his name a little too seriously?

Is this all the workings of Jonathan from Blow Out?

Back in Red!!!
Maybe Lindsay heard my pleas...Because it looks as though she has gone and dyed her hair back to red again. Yeah, yeah, I know she dyed it blonde for a movie, but she wrapped that movie long ago and kept it red. I must admit though...I kinda got used to the blonde and started to like it, it was the bangs that were starting to get to me!
Whatever...Welcome back to red hunny...I'm happy to see you in your natural state. (growing back some boobs, getting some weight back on you AND back in red!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


D.A.R.E taught me well because I learned that lesson and I learned it well when I was back in 5th grade....Apparently Kate Moss missed that year in school because she has yet to learn this important lesson. She not only does drugs, but she is stupid enough to do them in front of cameras...Which then causes her to...GET FIRED! H&M, Channel, and Burberry have all decided to fire the coked up model. I guess Kate didn't realize that heroin sheik and being a druggy isn't cool anymore for selling products.

Oh Kate....I thought you were giving up Pete due to the drugs, but now you have gotten engaged to him AND inherited his dirty dirty habit! Not good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sienna might be more forgiving than me.....

Are they really back together, because it certainly looks so...
LOST In Love!
Being on set in Hawaii has to be a bit romantic and cause some real life romance...And it did. As we all know Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) have been dating for quite some time and in Hollywood stalking fashion...We all like to see pictures to prove it..So here are some pictures of the two hanging out on the town.

Jealous Little Bitch!!
Some people can just not be happy for their friends good fortune (or maybe they aren't friends at all...) Teri Hatcher is one of these people. Apparently after the lovely Felicity Huffman won her Emmy a photographer asked all of the Desperate girls to pose together for a picture with Felicity and her Emmy Teri Hatcher refused. They still took the picture sans Hatcher...And I must say I think Teri did prove her point..That she is a jealous little bitch!

Eva looks like she is saying to Felicity "eh forget it she's a bitch!"

Woooohoooo...Britney had her baby too.

You all know by now that Britney finally had a little baby boy named Preston (oh and it was a C-Section...That's a lot of personal info!) But what you may NOT know is that there has been a smoothie named after Britney's little bundle of joy. JJ Chill has named the fat-free frozen yogurt, strawberries and mango smoothie the Preston Smoothie. How come there was never a Beth Smoothie when I was born? Is it cause I am lactose intolerant...That's discriminatory!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Heidi Klum FINALLY had her baby Monday night in LA!! Her first child with Seal was a baby boy! And...Contrary to my predictions, it was delivered in a hospital and did not in fact fall out of her involuntarily.

I wonder if it came out at age two...I feel like she was pregnant forever!